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    Sorry it has taken so long to get back with you but this week has been hectic and for some reason, I am not sleeping very well at all again.

    I will try to convey to you MY opinion of the course. I did the test and my physical and mental score for the course was a 20. Hayleycole had a thread with how you would score yourself.

    Your classmates are supposed to be on a somewhat equal level. Because all of us were rather low performing, it was difficult for most of us to do. Some never participated and then there were people like me that jumped in there and caused a flare and had to back off. I have attempted it twice and I will again but I need to just work with the book for awhile and I get my emotional support here. My problem is that I have such severe cognitive issues and sensory overload issues that it caused me stress.

    You are given an assignment each week and you respond to an email to the class. The email should not be longer than 40 lines. You can then post an additional 3 post to the entire class during that week but you can email an individual directly if you wish and if they request whenever you want. That is where I got into trouble. I was doing the opposite of what I was learning (pacing & my energy envelope) because I was causing sensory overload by being on the computer too much and it was stressing my cognitive issues because I would get confused with who I was responding too and would get my assignments confused which stressed me.

    After "talking" with others on our level, we felt the class was geared to a higher performing person than we were at that time. We felt that there should be 2 weeks to do the assignment and most of us were having lots of problems at that time.

    I am not doing a very good job explaining this to you because I can not think today and am having trouble typing. I apologize.

    For the moment I will leave it like this, if you are a 20 to 25 or maybe a 30, I would read the book a few times and become use to the concept and then take the class.

    The concept of pacing has helped me. I just blew it the last two weeks and I am paying for it today.

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    Just want you to know that I received your post. I will read it in a little while.


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    Sweetie, thanks so much for getting back to me. I understood what you said. Sometimes it is overwhelming to concentrate without having to report on the changes you are making. I know that I could never participate in a class of any kind right now. I like what I have read online about Campbell's approach, but I, too, will have to take it a little at a time.

    Let's face it, we didn't get this way overnight. It will take a while to feel better and I don't think we will ever be the way we used to be. But I have hope that we can be better because adversity can make you strong and compassionate. My focus right now is trying to rest and trying to catch myself when I'm frowning or grimacing from the pain. I want to have smile-lines when I get older not pain-lines.

    Take care,


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