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    Lolliboo and rileysmom...Just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know I haven't gone awol again....just nutty docs and lawyers and unum(urgh!) and employer issues like CRAZY for last week. Will be Completely free (yeah!) from this thursday till next tuesday (my babysitter is leaving town...I can't go anywhere without adult supervision! LOL) so I'll be around much much more and will have lots more time to catch up with you guys...seems like I haven't really chatted with either of you in ages! Miss you all!

    And I don't know if you know her...but I got this flat out hysterical message just recently on my crazy SOS post a few weeks ago before ER experience from hell. I read this thing, cracked up, and knew this chickita was a comic after our own hearts! lol

    Here's the post...see if you don't get as much of a chuckle out of it as I did! And very well may have found your soul sisters in comic sarcasm in us! I'm still cracking up about the selling popcorn! Looking foward to getting to know you soon!

    Check this out, ya'll....I'm still laughing!

    Oh, Rachel, I'm SO worried about you! 10/08/05 07:36 PM

    I looked up all your meds on the drug interaction checker and all it said is that you sould be "supervised" if you are attempting any neurologic activity (like thinking) until you know how the meds will affect you. Rather vapid excuse. Translated "we don't know what the hell will happen to you, but make sure someone is around so they can sell tickets and popcorn."

    My rheumy is "experimenting" with new meds at the moment and I feel like a hamster. I've had loss of neurological function for a month now and, being diabetic, suggested neuropathy to my rheumy. He looked at me like I were trying out for a part in the Excorcist. "It's not neuropathy." Oh, well, that's comforting news. I can sleep now. I might add that he has NEVER drawn blood or performed a single, solitary test on me. In short, I could have leprosy or the black plague and never know it.

    Our ER is the same here as well. If you have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia in your chart, then ANYTHING is just a result of the fibro. If you come in with a bone sticking out of your leg and blood squirting on the floor - it's the fibro.

    I know there is something neurological going on, but I have to get past the PCP, the hematologist and the rheumy. I'm going to make up a new game called "Doctoropoly", where you build clinics on all the sites and charge outrageous co-pays for landing on the Mayo Clinic or Loma Linda.

    I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that at the ER. It's just not right. Just know that there is a candle burning for you in North Carolina and I am thinking and praying for you.


    Tell me that didn't look like something any one of us would have written! Doctoropothy....I'm thinking that might be much more marketable than the book idea!

    Talk to you all soon!
    Miss you guys!
    Hope all are feeling well....It's getting snarfy cold here in the last few days, and my bones don't quite know what to do with that! Is cold always this wretched? May have to invest in those oh so snazzy heated "biker" leathers with ever so attractive flame pattern across the know, those things that serious bikers wear on cross country journeys? I could be the "fmer in leather"! But at least I'd be warm, right?

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    rileyearl New Member

    I'm so glad to hear from you. Biker leathers with a matching cane. If you wear dark glasses, too, no one will be able to figure you out. Is she blind? Does she have a wooden leg? Is she really a biker?

    Yes, I've caught some Stacey posts and there was a definite meeting of the raised eyebrows. Hi Stacey, hope you're doing ok.

    I have a plain old cold now. Preschool is rife with them. Ian got it first and now he's well and bored out of his mind. I had a phone call from the medical insurance and needed to hear what they had to say because our cobra runs out 12/1. Ian was screaming his head off to get my attention. I RAN out the back door and stood outside to talk. The guy I was talking to was laughing hysterically because I told him I was hiding from my son. Do you know how hard it is for a 240 woman to RUN? It's H. Just think a year ago I was a 180 pound woman. Quick change the subject.

    I see Dr. Marti at the FFC on Wed. to get the bug report. I might get religious before then, if you think it will help me avoid parasites or crawlies or whatever they are. I'm sure I'll have candida and ebv, but don't know what else.

    Better go to bed and try to sleep. We have an 8'X 8'booth at the local chamber of commerce expo on Saturday. The park just outside the building we'll be in will be having a harvest festival. We're hoping to sell lots of trinkets. How in the heyhey do you think I'm going to manage that? Maybe I'll mention Adderal to Dr. M. Hmmm....

    Lollie, the Princess and the Pea cracked me up! What made you think of that? It's perfect. And everyone thought it was because she was royalty. Maybe some corrupt genes carefully kept in the family for generations?

    Good luck with all the action, Rachel!


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    Stacey- you have my doctor!! Maybe I'll run in to you sometime on the FM ward! I see you cling dearly to your own wit as well- I love it! (Or as my DH says- I'm the funniest person I know some days...) Well if he is the one selling pocorn, that would make it easier on us financially. If they put me back on Inderal, I'm sure we'd have quite the crowd. Doctoropoly... definitely a marketable idea- you should get to work on that one today!

    Rachel- I knew you'd be back when your "me time" expanded a little. Still, I miss your "voice"! So you will be unattended for the weekend, huh? It's lost the same ring that such a statement would've had back in high school!

    Francie- watch yourself this weekend- don't overdo! My littlest is the queen of fits... if she doesn't get her way, wants attention, feels too small, wants a drink, wets her pants, wants to go outside, wants to do what her sister is doing, wants her sister to go away- you name it- she falls to the floor, very dramatically- sometimes almost dangerously- and screams, with fists flailing and feet pounding. The moment she thinks her needs are met, it zips right up and she puts back on her "normal one year old" costume. It is downright hilarious some days, frightening others, and unnerving the rest. Imagine at my house, the poor insurance rep/ drs office- whoever calls... Sis wants attention- not Mama on the phone! She falls at my feet wailing and clinging for dear life. Of course I am trying to break her of this habit, so I shake her loose, step over her and try to hide in another room. The pitch rises. It is only compounded if I tell whoever is on the other end what's going on! I HAVE to ignore her until she calms down on her own, or I will have a teenager flailing around like that! But I can imagine the poor people on the other end of my phone are wondering what the local number for child welfare services are! As soon as I hang up- silence... and a darling, cooing babydoll blinking up at me. Only a handful of us know of the beast that lurks beneath her dainty surface!

    I hope you feel better soon! Gather strength for the weekend.

    Everyone stay warm! Rachel, if the leathers do the trick, let me know! I'll do whatever it takes! Do they make leather pajamas?


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    Just checking in and bumping!
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    Didn't mean to, will not be around much this weekend as we have the kidlits and are celebrating our middle child (andrew) on his 7th birthday. He wants golf clubs. Can you believe that? A 7 yr old? Sheesh. We really need to move as are becoming yuppified right before our own eyes. Yowza. Very very scary.

    I will however be much mo free wed afternoon till fri night, then sun evening till tuesday morn...

    Sheesh. How is it that I have so much going on but literally can barely move and almost never leave the house! I am the queen of the telecomference! And I'm not even working! lol

    I've been told by my attys it is officially time to file SSD, as well as Lt dis thru my least to get them started.

    V interesting, as last I realized I had no doctors...only wankers in doctor jackets. Must find doctor (not to mention like 5 specialists!) right away. Sheesh. This is worse than working as not getting paid and they're all "pokey" with their trigger points and nonsense......

    I'm so not cut out for this whole "sicky" thing.

    Lolliboo....yes...the eternal question is how to teach young children patience. We're working on it...trying to tie it into "taking turns".....yeeaaaah, that's working real well. Specially with the ex mommonster setting no limits whatsoever. Love the tantrum then 2 seconds later all smiles. Manipulative little critters, aren't they? lol...good thing they're cute!

    Francie...I am also suffering with gnarley head cold from hell. Oy. Had my first consultation with sleep doc today, and of course he insisted on looking in nose and down throat...not pretty. Apparently, my tonsils ain't looking so good. I may have apnea, narcolepsy (what? can't fall asleep! thats' the problem! But he thinks so! LOL) and possibly have my tonsils out. sheesh. Thought I dodged that bullet when I was 7....oy. Enjoy your fair/crafty thingie. Husband is good for the lifing schtuff, right? Just bring nice cushy chair pad and one of those plastic crates with a pillow on top. Instant recliner, and you can ply your fabulous wares in comfort!

    Miss you at you soon!

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