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  1. Girlof41

    Girlof41 New Member

    I have been sooo tired all weekend, sometimes I feel my life is passing me by. No one to talk to. I just feel sad.How do you guys cope with these weak moments?
  2. Girlof41

    Girlof41 New Member

    I have been sooo tired all weekend, sometimes I feel my life is passing me by. No one to talk to. I just feel sad.How do you guys cope with these weak moments?
  3. TeaBisqit

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    It almost sounds funny. I feel like one of those Priests who are always having these long conversations with God. Actually, it's more like "The Powers That Be", since I'm Wiccan, I tend to talk to the Goddess and God and the White Light of the Universe. I complain alot :) Mostly I just ask to be let out cause I really can't take this much longer. I've had it too long and I'm tired. Unfortunately, I feel like I have unfinished business here, things I have to do before I'm finally allowed to rest, not that I'll get to rest over there, but at least be in a better place than I am now. I just wish someone else could do it for me cause I've just plain had it. Life just doesn't seem to work that way. So I guess I'm stuck here awhile. I could write a page of morbidity, but I won't. I suppose there are worse things and worse places and one person's hell is another person's heaven. Well, at least you know you aren't alone. There are plenty of us in the same boat. But I would really like to dock the boat now and get off!

  4. monom

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    This is a very good topic,I have had this problem for many
    years.I tried to read and go to different Drs to find a
    treatment and I always thought the health problem would go
    away soon and then I go out and meet somebody, but I did not
    know how to explain the fatigue and not having alot of
    energy and finally I got hurt emotionally very badly.I hope
    you guys will understand what I have been going through.
    I do not know how to cope with it.AS a single man around 50,
    I am gettting very very tired of this.I was wondering if
    men dealing with this problem(CFIDS)differently from women,
    I think some how women deal better with this problem than

    Any sugestion or comments,Thank you 100000000...........

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  5. Scoobsmom

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    Good morning girlof41! Cope...ugh, is that what this is called? I just got the courage to ask for some support from my church, and here at the website. I believe that many Biblical people felt the same way at times, pain, sad, lonely, and wanted out of their circumstances too. That gives me hope when I feel so down, that God understands that we are weak, and that is why He is strong.. I too relate to you when I can not understand why I am facing a chronic pain illness that people can not see, so they doubt, and why my only child was diagnosed with a neurological disorder.. and why do I not have all the close friends that so many people speak of ... May I pray for you? I do not have any answers, I ask myself all the time, what can I do to get my mind off of myself and on to others who may be feeling sadness and loneliness just as I do... I believe this your question has been that answer...hugs..Barb
  6. lilwren

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    actually I felt much more lonely before I found this message board. I always remind myself that it could be a lot worse (I am in no way trivializing this DD) and I take a look at my life and I find the good things and try to focus on them. I try to do little things that bring me joy. It has taken me a long time to get used to just 'being' and not 'doing' - that has helped a lot too. My outlook has gotten so much more positive since I have been posting on this board. The love, caring, and sharing on this board is treatment in itself. I don't think you'll find a better place to find help with this disease. Hang on and something good will come. You'll find a rose among all the thorns of this disease and it will give you strength to go another day, and then another ...

    with love,

    Sharon L
  7. tired42long

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    Hey girl of 41, I have a houseful of kids and a good husband, but the lonliness comes from within...not without. I often can't even do things with those around me anyway.I mean...it is a feeling sometimes of desolation...no matter who is around you or what people say,....or how much support...no matter how many people you find going through the same thing it is tough to get to the INSIDE of you and feel faith. some find faith only in God...I do this...but I found the faith has to be found within YOU too. Call it positive thinking...call it an awakening...but it is something you have to discover yourself. It is tough to handle these chronic diseases and you often feel alone because there are no real answers. Just try to chip away at it a tiny bit at a time. I hate it when others say, you sound depressed...or maybe you are "just" depressed. heck yeah, it is depressing to deal with this 24/7. But I think it is just sometimes grief and sadness and loneliness...it all has to work out and unfortunately you have to come to the mind set yourself. I know it helps to have others around sometimes...other times, I feel I do my greatest self-help and searching alone. Try to do SOMETHING for yourself, find an interest, and do look for support from neighbors, support groups, counselling , and church. we all need a little help sometimes. But remember, you are your greatest friend (or can make yourself your greatest enemy) At least that's what I found and is a hard lesson learned. Chin up sweetie. We all care. Eileen
  8. Girlof41

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    I should be my best friend, but I'm not, and I do feel lonely even around people, I am affiliated with a church, (I work at my church),yet, I think I am lacking faith in myself and others, but the tiredness really wears me down. Thank you for responding, you have kind hearts.