Lonely-at my wits end with this fm

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  1. LindaW

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    It has been many many years ince I have felt likeI do now. We have moved to another part of the country and it has beenvery difficult to adjust here. My only daughter lived 3,000 miles away. I was diagnosed here. I had a cervical fusion, and then about a year later was diagnosed with fm. We have not been able to find a church here. We have tried a few but we both new they were not where we should be. The lonelieness is making me crazy. I have been a Christian for a very long time and I know that God says they he will never leave or foresake me, but this isolation is awful. It is a catch 22 , so difficult to get out and make friends when it is all you can do to takea shower and pick up the house. I can no longer work, so that is not even my social option. where do you find new friends when you are 54? Do Christians understand this illness, when looking at you you seem ok? I pray that God would send me a christian friend. Sorry this is so long. So thankful I can come to this board.
    This valley is oh so dark
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    You are not alone especially on this board and especially when God is around us at all times. I know it is hard having to cope with the pain of FM and it is hard to get out and make friends. Keep on looking for a church and ask God to lead you where you need to be and He will.

    When I begin to feel that way sometimes, I always get into the word as I know that is where God is at. I feel so blessed when I read it and there is always a message in for me to hang onto.

    Even though you may never see my face you do not have to, as I will always be your sister in Christ.

    I am sorry you are going through all of this, but keep your faith where it should be and know God has gone ahead of us to prepare a way for everything.

    Lot of ((((((((HUGS)))))))

  3. Shirl

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    I have the same problem as you do. I moved here 8 years ago, been to four different churches, but still have not found a 'church home'. I have no friends in this area either, or even aquantances, and I just moved 70 miles within the same state.

    I was very active in my home church before I moved, but I could not do all that I did then now.

    I have the problem that Shaylee mentioned, I don't look sick at all, and most people think that if you don't look sick, then you must be very healthy! Its sort of judgeing the book by the cover thing.

    You are most welcome here on the Worship board, as the Lord is everywhere, and sends us friends in differnt ways and at different times in our journey here on earth. We are all sisters and brothers in Christ, right?

    Sometimes I feel like I am doing 'nothing' for the Lord, then again who am I to judge what His work for me is anyway??

    I am sorry that you are separated from your daughter, my daughter is living close to me, but I don't see my son's or two grandchildren very often anymore. It does make me sad sometimes, but I do try to stay busy and not worry about this.

    I also prayed for a Christian friend, but what I got was a computer! So if this is what the Lord has for me, to be friends by cyber space, then so be it.

    I will pray for you a church home, and a Christian friend, you can do the same for me, alright? I am serious.

    Take care and please feel free to come here as often as you feel lead too.

    Shalom! Shirl

  4. CarolJane

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    Hi Linda. I understand all too well your post. I moved 2 years ago to a new state..and I'm 1200 miles away from my daughter, her 22 month old daughter and my son and his 5 month old son. It's hard moving to a new place when you're older and use to knowing everyone in your small town back home...(that was my case). I was pianist of my home church, very active in my aspects, even did concerts at other churches with my singing, etc. But here, I know no one and I'm lost within myself at times. I had a wonderful home church before i moved, and many good friends. Here, I don't really know anyone. (I was divorced a few years ago, and moved here to start a new life, my 17 yr old daughter came with me...I just married a wonderful guy a year ago..he is why I moved). But...I also need good friends! And..we haven't found a church here either, so I do understand how you feel!! I started a job here..loved it...but fell and hurt my knee which was already a mess from arthritis, so I had to stop working. Was only there for 6 months and it was a way to meet new people, but now with my knee and my fibro...I cannot work outside the home. And like you, to look at me you'd think I was fine...but man on the inside I'm not!!!! But..I'm thankful for the computer and the many friends I've made online. I'm also thankful for this forum that an online friend told me to come to. You have friends here Linda :) and you can add me to that list. I"ll keep you in prayer..for a good church that will be a wonderful family to you and that the Lord will send good christian friends to fill your life. You're not alone!!! The Lord promises to never leave nor forsake you. And HE will provide for all your needs!!