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    I've been so out of it lately that I don't even know where to start. I'm divorced for 10 years bad breakup. Sister involved with my ex now they are married. That was the start of my downfall. I can't seem to move on from this at it has been 10 years. I quit a job I had for 5 years because I couldn't do it any more. I lost my apartment because of it. I moved in with an old friend but that only lasted for 4 months. I got a part-time job as a cashier, I lived in my car for a while, I slept on people's couches until I finally moved in with my daughter and her girlfriend. I got fired from my cashier's job for giving my kids free stuff. I have a warrant out for my arrest. I still haven't been able to find a job and it's been since January of this year. I feel like I am no longer needed on this planet most of the time. I have no money, I have no job, I have given up on a lot of things and I want that to change. HELP!!!
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    You have a lot of difficult stuff going on and sounds like you have made some bad choices and some good ones. All you can do is try and start 0ver. And pray real hard. I'll remember you in my prayers. Barbara
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    Thank you for your thoughts. I am trying...

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    That is a lot of stuff at one time to deal with. I know that those outside stresses can make Fibromyalgia a lot worse. I will keep you in my prayers. I have started a stay at home business because I could no longer work and take care of my children. If you are interested I will give you more details.
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    Pray to god. If he brought you to it he will bring you through it.
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    I'm feeling the same-one way I deal with my depression is this-the belief that nothing real can ever be destroyed-also Eckhart Tolle is a wonderful spiritual teacher-I've been comforted by his book The Power Of Now-if you haven't already read it. I recently was kicked in the face while I was sleeping-my nose was broken badly-I've been feeling very depressed about that.
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    Have youe tried your local churches? Or United Way? Please get on the phone and ask these people for help.And SHAME ON YOUR SISTER. You sound like a strong person you just need the right help and a friend. Also forget that man he obviously is a looser and is still messing up your life. Its yours dont let him control it any more its too short you need to start enjoying yourself. But you must let go of the past first forget it its done history tommrow is a new day what do you want to get out of it? you can make it happen. God Bless You. Your new friend Jan.
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    Thanks so much for your support. It's always good to hear something positive. Thank you again..

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    Christine, I'm sorry to come on here a month after you were looking for support. I wish I had known about this board sooner but I just got here (and I'm already handing out advice!) What I have to say is the result of what I have finally learned after about 12 years of being in the pits, myself, so although I don't know everything about you, maybe I can offer a little of what I've learned about myself and you can see if it applies to you. First of all, I'm sorry about your sister being such a jerk, but it sounds like she's found her match. Depression from something like this is pretty hard to cope with until you realize that part of it may be that you don't want these two knuckleheads to ever feel like things will be OK with you again. Being in all this trouble is sending a big message to them to show them how they hurt you. Guilty, guilty, guilty! But ten years is a long time to make a point. Let it go. Leave it behind. It's no longer what you're about. Get over it and start living well, which is, they say, the best revenge. (IMHO)
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    The main blow to you I feel is the betrayal by your sister. That must be really hard stuff to deal with. Now, you have to start taking care of yourself. The past is the past - leave it there. You are too important to dwell on it. Get a job, do it well, make a good friend, eat well and get some exercise. I stress again - take care of YOU! We all have terrible blows in life and we dwell to much upon them. That's the worst thing we can do. Right now I am trying to follow the advice I'm giving you. Take care of yourself, you're worth it!
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    May blessings rain on you in multitudes.