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    Hello Everyone:

    I am new here, but I am fighting a huge loneliness inside me....yet my life is full of people who care - but for whatever reason I either cannot see it or don't believe it....I have a very low self-esteem which I've always had since a small child....

    Any ideas for me

    Thank you
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    Welcome to the board. There is also a depression board you might want
    to visit.

    I don't have much self esteem either. My therapists have told me it
    comes from having parent who were never satisfied.

    What are you doing to combat depression? If you read my profile you can
    see what I've tried. Maybe some modalities you will want to try yourself.

    Just click on my name above.

    Good luck
  3. TwoCatDoctors

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    Sometimes things can be difficult for us to see and figure out. That's when it can be beneficial to reach out to a therapist to work with you to help you see what is happening, what happened in childhood to cause that low self esteem and start working on healing that inner child, and help heal you as an adult.

    If money is a problem, you can contact your local Mental Health Society to find low cost/no cost help. And remember, you are really so worth reaching out and getting the help.

    Good luck and many hugs.
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