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  1. cal-bunnygirl

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    Just feeling lonely this evening. That's all.
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    I must have miscounted my Ambien, because I am one short and tonight is the night I go without. I already know I will be awake until tomorrow night, when I can get my prescription refilled. I am usually so very careful, because I know that they won't fill it early. And I could drink 50 gallons of warm milk, and my sleepy tea is just making me visit the bathroom more often! But the worst thing (and I love it as much as I hate it) is that as spring approaches in Alaska, the number of daylight hours ramps up. By June there won't even BE a night, and right now we are at about 17 hours of daylight. I looked out the window tonight and thought "Oh, seriously? It's 11:30!" My critters (4 parrots, 3 cats) are all asleep, the husband is snoring, and I'd like to bang pots and pans together and yell "Get up!" I won't, of course, but I'm sure you know the feeling!

    I know all my friends are asleep, and even if they are the best friend in the world, you can't call at 1:12 am and announce you can't sleep. They'll tell you THEY can and hang up on you! I'd probably hang up on me too, if I were them! LOL!

    The most wonderful thing is, here we are family and there is someone who understands how it is, and has been right where you are now. You needn't feel lonely. Alone maybe, but that's what you have us for! Because we care and we are genuinely sorry if you feel bad. So go curl up and know that across the miles or around the corner you always have us.

    Soft hugs,
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    Cal-Bunnygirl - Sending you lots of good relaxation vibes during this temporary lonely time for you. Fibro can be a very lonely ecxistence, but this message board is so great to connect with people who understand. I don't have time to go to a face to face support group and also I have tried them and sometimes they only exhaust me.

    Stacey - Oh my Gosh, just two weeks ago my husband was talking about wanting to do a summer vacation in Alaska and I told him no way! Don't get me wrong, we did a cruise five years ago and had a wonderful time. I had a very hard time with the long daylight hours. Any daylight wakes me up, even if all the window coverings are closed. Something about the sun's energy keeps me alert.

    Alaska is very beautiful and I admire all the wonderful nature. Animals are lucky that they can adapt to their surrounding so easily....wish I could do the same.

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