Long lasting sleeping pill?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Andrew111, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Andrew111

    Andrew111 Member

    I have CFS. Several months ago I also developed insomnia. Here's what I've tried

    Ambian CR. This is the time release. With this, I am often able to sleep through the night. Problem is, if I use it a few times it starts to make my depression almost unbearable during the day.

    Ambian. Not time release. Gives me three or four hours of sleep. No noticeable depression increase.

    Lunesta. I remember having broken sleep, but I think it was steady sleep for the first three hours.

    I realize that medications affect different people differently. But if anyone knows of something that usually lasts through the night, please let me know so I can ask my doctor about it.
  2. RicksChic

    RicksChic New Member

    Restoril 30mg for me, when I can't afford Ambien CR. The Restoril lasts much longer than Ambien. Some people have a hung over feeling, but it is the least of the old sleepers, and will usually go away with regular use. It comes in generic. Initial dose is 7.5 mg., which is like taking a tic-tac for me.

    It's cheap enough to try and throw away, if you don't like it. However, I'm one to save meds that make me too sleepy for times when I'm sick or in a flare, and want to escape with sleep!

    Hope you find something that works.
  3. ktpar

    ktpar New Member

    Elavil have worked for me a little. I have been on it for about a mth now. You might wont to try it. It also has an anti-depressant in it. I am on 50mg but will ask the DR. on my next appt. Melatonin, which can be bought at any Health store like GNC, also works for my autistic child. The doses vary from adult to child doses.
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  4. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    I've tried alot of them, and most make me too hung over.

    Ambien & Restoril don't do anything for me. And Restoril gives me nightmares

    I'm on an older drug "Dalmane", and that, along with Klonopin gives me 4 hours of sleep; wakeup; then another 4 hours.

    And unless I'm being overly stimulated that day, that works O.K. for me.

  5. Andrew111

    Andrew111 Member

    Hi Prickles. You mentioned the Delta sleep CD. I ordered one, but it is not here yet.

    These Delta CDs require stereo to create the delta effect in the brain. What sort of setup do you use? Speaker? Ear phones. I tend to sleep on my side, so I don't know if I can get this to work.
  6. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    That is very interesting, I also think Ambien CR caused me to be depressed during the day. It works for sleep but the next day I don't want to do anything. Tonight I decided to go back to regular Ambien.

    I tried Lunesta and with 3 mg I did sleep, but was tired the next day.

    I have pretty good luck with Restoril 15 mg. It takes a while to kick in but I sleep fine and it also helps any anxiety the next day. Sometimes with Restoril I have to take an additional 1/2 of a 7/5 mg capsule.

    I keep rotating my sleep meds - but after getting refills of Ambien CR today, now I decide I don't want to take it.

    Have you tried Rozerem? I haven't - not sure how it works.

    I was going to say , you can always use the regular Ambien and add the over the counter sleep aid, which is the same as Benadryl. It really does put you to sleep with no side effects, and it safe to take at the same time with Ambien.
  7. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    Klonopin ( clonazepam)has helped a lot of us here. Sometimes adding some Doxepin can make it even more effective.

  8. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    As we know, every single body is different so we have to try and try again.

    I use 15 mg. Restoril, not at light's out, but when I wake up in the night which I always do. I find that 5-HTP which I take in a ridiculously tiny dose helps keep my head clear so I have no residual fogginess from the sleep med.

    I did try Rozerem and I might as well have not taken anything but that's just me on that med.

    Melatonin does work for some as does ZMA. I'm trying Elavil next but I'd try all the natural stuff before using a drug if I had it to do again. My doctor and I have accepted that I may always take Restoril, in spite of that not be recommended.

    And by the way, meditation or behavior modification can be a great help too. Learn to shut down the monkey brain.

    Good luck!

  9. Boo3

    Boo3 New Member

    hi.... just to let uu know i have tried lunesta and Rozerem..
    to me that didnt help at all.. hardly even kicked in after 1 hr of taking...slept off and on 1-2 hrs at a time..
    i hope u and i and ev 1 else finds something to help us sleep...

    tc and keep smiling :)

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