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    Hi, Loungers. I have to go back to #166 to check all y'all's posts. I'll be back soon.

    OK, I'm baaaaack! So much going on while I've been sleeping off my visitor fatigue. Ugh! I ached all over and slept like a log. Grandchildren are a danger to one's physical and mental health. Finally, yesterday, I folded up the sofa sleepers and did laundry. Today, I'll vacuum and clean up the kitchen. Cleanup hasn't been bad. J usually folds the sleepers up but the flight was so early that I told her just to leave it.

    My birthday is always a bittersweet time. I've always loved my birthday and being a Cancer. In 2002, however, my Mom had her fatal heart attack on the 10th and died early on the 11th. I really enjoyed my birthday this year with the kids here and time has taken some of the edge off the pain of losing my Mom. There will always be an empty spot in my heart but the pain isn't as raw.

    Rock, loved the pig joke. My daughter calls onyx "oinks." I assume the charley horse is in your leg. If so, straighten the leg out and flex the foot upward stretching the heel out. This commonly happens to women when we see our gynos and put our legs in the stirrups. Thankfully, you will not have that problem. The doc always puts his hand up and tells me to push against it with the bottom of my foot. Works like a charm. From a longer term perspective, malic acid works well. Also, in the heat, if we get dehydrated, we can suffer muscle spasms and cramps. I love drinking Smart Water because it has electrolytes in it but you can't taste them. I can't hack Gatorade due to the taste. Smart Water is expensive but I buy it at Costco and it isn't too bad. So, don't listen to the neigh sayers when it comes to charley horses.

    I'm sorry you little gray kitten doesn't come around. I can only hope it found a home somewhere else or is thriving but the reality of feral cats isn't very optimistic. Simon does use my balcony as one of his homes. He lolls out there on the floor or in my chair. He eats like a king. I talk to him through the glass door and he enjoys it. Jeff does the same out in the yard from a safe distance. What worries all of us is that if Simon gets really sick, we will have to call animal services to get help for him.

    Diane, I'm glad you have power and decent weather now but those storms are really scary. Yes, Special K does help anxiety but it doesn't always guarantee a good night's sleep. Since changing my diet, I'm sleeping so much better. I thought of you this morning; HSN had a 60 percent off sale but most of the stuff was not something necessary, just fun stuff. I'm trying to remember what Suze Orman always tells us--"Is this a want or a need." Well, that takes all the fun out of things but it does help me decide if I need things (usually, I don't).

    Sunflower, yes, the heat can be horrible. It's hotter in Denver than down here in SW FL. I've been in CO in 90 degree heat and it's no fun. People always say, "But it's a dry heat." Them's fightin' words. Of course, it is in the high 80's and low 90's here with high humidity but it's the same almost every day. We acclimate to it. It takes me about a month to acclimate every year. We consider ourselves lucky if we don't get hit by a hurricane. I celebrate, and offer prayers of thanks, for each named storm which does no damage here because it counts as a storm but doesn't hurt us. On the other hand, those poor people living in the islands in the Caribbean, including Haiti and Cuba, always get hit. Stay cool.

    Granni, prayers going up for Julie and Amy. Thanks for posting on the Lounge. I often just don't get over to the Porch to see what's going on over there. Come back and post more when you can. I know how busy you are.

    Windy Talker, welcome to the Lounge. It's so good to see you posting here. So many people have a problem with wheat but aren't necessarily Celiacs. Even our local newspaper had an article on it. That's what got my attention and I cut wheat from my diet. I started to feel much better. I get all the gluten-free food that I can. I've tried small amts. of wheat just to check and have paid a painful price so I'm off it for good. I started feeling tired again and, after I drank a glass of organic milk, I had a similar reaction as I have to wheat. The book, "Wheat Belly," says if one is allergic to wheat, the chances are good one will develop problems with dairy. I drink Lactaid milk and have found I can eat ice cream if I take a Lactaid tablet just before eating it. Wish there were a pill for wheat.

    I'm going to the grand opening of the new Skinny Pantry store. They have a lot of good GF foods. I get a millet and flax bread made up in Tampa. They can't call it GF because they bake other things in the same plant. I can eat it and it's better than Rudi's or Udi's. They have the delicious brownie chips which are also made in Boulder, CO. Rudi's started there as a small bakery. I got a GF angel food cake mix but didn't have time to bake it while the kids were here. I'm using the egg whites in a carton so hope it works.

    Well, gang, I had to write "W&P" just to catch up. My love, prayers and hugs to all our Loungers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids Woke up and found a bowl of cherry tomatoes that Gordon picked for me. Thought I'd just
    nibble at one or two, but somehow they are all gone. A bacon sandwich would have been nice too, but
    I can't chew bacon, or lottsa other stuff, anymore. Zippy came in for a while, had a snack, and is now
    in the backyard all tucked in. He has to get his 14 hours (of sleep) ya know. Cats sleep even more.

    Half a century ago, Mikie, my mother came home laughing. She and a friend had been looking
    through a catalog. Her friend had said, "I wonder if Earl would like this ring. It's made outta something
    called oinks."

    I will pass your comments on charlie horses along to Gordon. I think it's been a couple years since
    he had once. Whadda ya mean I won't have that problem? The doctor always puts my feet in the
    stirrups. I thought it had something to do with cowboys and us macho kinda guys.

    Don't wear yourself out with cleaning. No reason to rush, right?

    SG, remember when Lucy was on the quiz show and Frank Nelson asked her, "What animal
    attaches itself to you and sucks your blood?" The answer was "bat". But, of course, bats
    don't do that. Leeches do.

    Didn't know you were a painter. I didn't know one could mix acrylic and oil either. Back in the
    60s I lived half a block from the ocean in Ventura, CA. A painter and his wife used to come
    for a weeks stay nearby. He painted on the beach everyday. He used a sorta putty knife instead
    of a brush. I guess they were acrylics. Anyway he applied the stuff in slabs. The painting didn't
    look like anything. Just vivid areas of color; mostly blue, white and tan. He was a teacher at
    the Disney Institute of the Arts.

    One of our former posters has many videos on Youtube. She also has a website with her paintings.
    If you want to check it out, her Youtube name is ckballl with 3 "l's". "C" for Carla.

    Diane, we had a nice day here too yesterday. Forecast was scattered showers, but we didn't have
    any. There was some rain during the night. Enough to get Zippy's blankets wet.

    Looked up the new weather word I heard recently. Gustnado. The National Weather Service says
    it's slang for a short-lived, ground-based wind associated with tornadoes and thunderstorms.
    The winds can get as fierce as a tornado.

    Yes, I remember Accent. Came in a little red shaker. It's still for sale on the net, but I didn't see
    the red box. I wonder if the formula is the same. One site said people with a Vitamin B6
    deficiency are allergic.

    Got a b-day card from my former secretary. We've been friends for something like 30 years. Her
    husband, who must be about 60, had yet another motorcycle accident. He's going in for his second
    surgery today. Of course he can't wait to get back on that bike. Land O Goshen!

  3. Granniluvsu

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to pop in for a bit to see if there was anything new happening.

    Rock - Glad you had a nice birthday and survived it :)!! I agree with you on motorcycles. It would not be to comfy for me in the first place and I almost cringe when I see people riding them on the freeways, zooming in and out epscially with no helmets on. To tell the truth even if they wore a helmet it might not save them but just protect their brains and heads somewhat. How about a body helmit.

    Mikie - Glad you had a nice time with your DD and DGS. It always take a bit of time to get back into sinc after company, and even if you enjoyed them.

    Diane - Hope you are doing OK and survived the storms. Hope you don't have any more but we all or most of us do need the rain. We surely do. I think I saw your post on the last lounge but I didn't get a chance to read it thoroughly.

    Gotta run for now.

    TTYAL @!

  4. Windytalker

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    Gads...I just posted in Lounge #166. This is only my 2nd day and I'll catch on soon...hopefully.
  5. rockgor

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    Hi Kids Here is Windy's latest post.​
    Howdy and thanks for all the nice "welcomes"!!:)

    Diane...I'm not much of a news watcher (I get too revved up at times), so missed the news about your storm. Can't blame you for not getting much sleep in the aftermath. I live in "tornado alley" and nasty storms can and do get us wired. Killer and I (I call my DH "Killer" since he's just the opposite...lol) live such quiet lives normally, so storms can get the juices flowing. So glad you weren't affected and were safe.

    Granni...I live close to Joplin and the devastation was totally unimaginable (I go there to shop on occasion). It's sad to read you have family who lost their home due to the destruction. But, I can say Joplin is recuperating quite well and in only a little over a year. Of course, residential areas are slower going than businesses. We had no clue what happened in Joplin...we lost TV first, then power. SFG called me on my cell (as did a friend from Tulsa) to ask if we were okay and that's when we found out what happened. We were totally stunned. I hope you enjoy your visit (and the weather cooperates).

    Rock...Your brother and I would get alone just fine. I do the same with BD cards (or close to it). I get the card in advance, then totally forget I have it. I should just go ahead and invest in belated cards and be done with it...LOL.


    I'm not sure if all of you are aware of it, but SFG is quite the artist. I'm fortunate to have some of her paintings and also terrific tiles she's added her talent to. I'm anxious to see her latest project once it's finished.

    Ah, the dreaded MSG (& yes, Accent is still sold...bah humbug). Years ago I suffered horribly from migraines and was totally depressed. Saw specialists and one said I needed a shrink (grrrrr). In a typical everyday conversation with my sister, we were talking about a recipe containing MSG and she mentioned it gave her headaches calling it "The China Syndrome". I'd been using it in EVERYTHING!! I stopped and the improvement was swift and easy. But, now, most processed foods have "hidden" forms and the makers tuck it in every chance they get (claiming "No MSG" BTW). If I eat just a tad of it, it affects my sleep, I develop restless leg syndrome, get depressed and I can cry at the drop of a hat. Of course the lack of sleep can set me off in an FM flare in a NY minute.

    On a totally separate forum, I'd been trying to get another member to go gluten-free. She had horrible colon problems. So, I decided to put my own advice to use and went GF. I was totally amazed how much better I felt...and still do. I seldom have bad flares anymore. I won't go into my history, but let's just say this...I have "multiple chemical sensitivity"...and with all the chems in foods these days, it's best to eat simple, plain, organic (if you can get it) foods.

    I know I've missed topics and other posters, but it wasn't intentional...I need to get busy (or as busy as my body will allow).

    Y'all have a good day (or a better one than yesterday)...​
    Windytalker, 6 minutes ago
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    Hi Windy, et al,

    Just popping in for a little bit to see who was over here. We figured that we had better hurry up and go see DH's family in Joplin before our hurricanes possibly get bad and in between their tornados as well as their awful snow storms too. I know no snow now but give it a couple of months and who knows. Now I try and figure out do I take shorts, jeans and some capris with me and of course sweaters and a jacket incase of wet and chilly. I am such a hot house flower :)! Can't stand the cold weather at all.!! Not that hot weather is great either but I can take it more than the COLD !! The heat isn't good for my high b/p though but thank God for A/C is all I can say. I remember hot days in NY when we had some pretty HOT days and we had no a/c at all and just a few fans that were not in the ceiling like today. Glad you are doing better with your colon. I know that is no fun at all ! Had some IBS years ago and it was no fun at all. You could never tell when it was come upon me. Hopefully. there would be a bathroom around when out and about.

    Julie - Hope Keira and Amy are doing better. Gee, why does everything have to happen to your family almost all at once it seems like. Just don't get yourself sick too my dear YOUNG friend. I know you want to be there for everyone. I applaud you and wish I could do what you do all the time but to many obstacles for me.

    I keep forgetting where I am on these boards - the Porch or the Lounge or someplace else so please forgive me, everyone

    Gotta run for now. Hope to pop back in again soon to check in .

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everyone, just thought I'd pop in. It's raining nonstop after two weeks of rain except for the nice weather we had while the kids were here. I'm thankful for that. I just got back from going for some colloidal silver. I'm still trying to catch something so have pulled out the big guns, colloidal silver and Acyclovir, to fight it off. Think I'll just dig in all snuggly for the remainder of the day.

    I may be winning the war against the crows who have been eating the cats' food. They are so brazen that they dance in the bowl of food, the crows, not the cats, and throw the food all over the place. Then, they crap on the Balcony, again, the crows and not the cats. :D I got a nylon wind sock with streamers and hung it from the eaves right by the cats' bowls. Two crows landed on the gutter to the side and actually talked it over, just like those birds on the TV ad. Finally, one came closer for a better look, got scared and flew away. Then, they both left and haven't come back. They also didn't caw the "all's clear" signal to their buddies. I also put a Feng Shui mirror against the wall by the bowls. Crows don't like to see themselves. I'm hoping this works.

    I was driving to get the colloidal silver and my car went on auto pilot into Bealls parking lot. Well, I had a $10 coupon so decided to buy a couple of bras. They have sales every now and then where you buy one bra and get another for $1. I got two, worth $72, for $27. Not a bad deal. Now, I can clean out the bra drawer and get rid of a couple of old ones, still serviceable but not nice either. If I can't give the girls their freedom, a nice bra is the next best thing. I can't wear black and navy blue all the time. In summer, I like to wear white tees.

    There's a "Long Island Medium" marathon on and if I can't find anything else to watch, I'll probably leave it on while I read. Any other psychic fans here? Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popping in - -

    Mikie - Glad to hear from you and that was weird about the crows and them not liking the windsock you made and mirrors too. Hope it scares them away for good. Yes, they are messy birds aren't they. Do they scare the cats at all? Or do they come before or after the cats?

    Great that you got your self some bargains. I love to get those but it seems I haven't been shopping for clothes at all lately? I am never in the right part of town and if with DH he never wants to stop. Party pooper - why do men hate clothes shopping or even looking? Even if we go for him it is in and out, no browsing really.

    Hope you find the right show to watch today while you are reading. What do you use them for - Acyclovir and Colloidial Silver for - respiratory stuff or what? Never tried it but I have heard of them.

    I have a slight to medium case of Poison ivy or sumac again. It started out with one pustule and not it is trying to take over my arm. Will try and get some Predisone tomorrow. It keeps trying to ooze through the stuff I sprayed on it. I also clean it daily with Ivy rest I think it is called but it is still there. The itch is trying to drive me coo coo and we are driving to Joplin, MO on Thursday for the weekend.. Wish we could stay longer but his wife is having foot surgery on Tuesday or Wed.

    Hope all is well with everyone - Diane, SW, and everydobby else. Rock was over on the Porch hanging out for awhile :)!!

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Big accident on the Golden State Freeway near Dodger Stadium yesterday. Overturned tanker
    truck followed by a fire. When I woke up this morning the freeway was still closed. And Gordon
    and I had to drive through the clogged streets to get around the closure. Yikes! I prefer living
    in a place where I can walk everywhere. But not too far from a city. Kinda like my brother
    in Minnesota who lives in a village (pop. 1000) but is near Rochester.

    You're right about those helmets, Granni. My friend who had the accident belongs to a bike
    (motorcycle) club. The are vehemently opposed to California's helmet law. Even went to Sacramento
    one time to demonstrate.

    I hope that rash is gone pretty soon. I got a prescription cream called Betamethasone which is
    really effective for skin problems. But it has to be applied frequently and is expensive. That's
    the side effect, I guess. Too expensive. Don't really know if it would help your situation.

    Mikie, you have more coupons than anyone else I know. Do you clip 'em, print 'em, send
    away for 'em? I'm thinking about buying some CDs from a company in England. Ya got
    any coupons for that? Congratulations on your creative methods for combating the cocky crows.

    Windy, it's OK to call your hubby "Killer", but folks should never name their dog that. Makes
    it hard to defend a dog bite case. When I was in the accident business we had two rules for dog
    cases. If the dog bites someone, the insurance carrier pays. If the dog gets run over, it doesn't
    pay. The owner is in violation of the leash law.

    BTW, my brother's b-day card arrived 3 days late. Didn't get one from my other brother. Got one
    from my sister that was early. But I don't care much anymore. Not about birthdays and not
    about my dysfunctional relatives. As some Zen master said, things is what they is. Don't fight it.

    I have no comment on your bra situation, Mikie, but I will say "have it good" in Norwegian, which is

    Ha det bra
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just popping in again. Granni, I'm so sorry for that poison ivy business. Those can get infected; be careful. Colloidal silver is a derivative of a very old treatment--using silver to treat everything under the sun. It's good for viruses, fungi and bacteria. It's tiny silver particles suspended in purified water. It comes in a bottle with a dropper. I put some under my tongue but it can be used topically too. The Acyclovir is good for many viruses. I use it when I have something going on to keep whatever Herpes Virus I have which tries to rear its ugly head when I'm sick or run down. The virus is likely EBV, CMT or HHV-6. I'm also thinking it might keep the shingles at bay should they ever decide to get me.

    I once dated a man who loved to shop for me and for him. We had so much fun. I know such men are rare. Yes, I love a bargain but not unless I need it or love it. Bras are sooooo expensive for good ones that I love it when Bealls does these sales. Please take good care of yourself and let us know how the rash is doing.

    Rock, thanks for the "bra" good wishes. I get my coupons in the Sunday newspaper and online. I give my e-address to my favorite stores and they send coupons I can print out. Publix has virtual coupons. You just visit their website and click on the coupons you want. When you buy that product, it automatically deducts the coupon. Pretty neat, huh? I can't resist those Bealls $10 coupons for spending at least $25 if I need something. Kohl's does that too but it's not close to me and I don't like the stores as much. All the craft stores have 40 percent off regularly priced merchandise and they honor each other's coupons. I had a $5 coupon for the colloidal silver but it cost $53 for a 16 oz. bottle. I could have bought a smaller bottle but that just about doubles the cost per oz.

    I don't much care about my birthday anymore either. I did get cards from my kids and friends in the hood. One card from Barb had a very beautiful picture of a steamy mug of coffee printed on vellum. I am going to use it to do a scrapbook page with pics of all of us who show up for coffee on the Balcony.

    One brazen crow decided to approach the food bowl but they are so stupid they caw when they get near the bowl. There was no wind blowing the wind sock streamers. I ran out and screamed at him. He didn't come back. The go home at dusk so I don't have to worry in the evenings. I leave the bowl out for Simon if he wants a late snack. Jeff feeds all three of them before he leaves for work and when he comes home. He only needs me to leave their food out so they can graze during the day. I bring the bowl in about 10:00, before the possum stops by. I don't think I'll win the crow war unless we have enough breeze to move the streamers but we usually do. It was unnaturally calm today.

    I'm sending my love, hugs and prayers to all our Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock.....good heavens, that was one terrible accident. I absolutely hate having to drive the freeway up around Pasadena and on towards L.A. And don't even think about getting on the freeway during the week after 3 PM. And I keep forgetting to ask, is Zippy a dog?

    Mikie: I agree with Rock. You've got a ton of coupons. Good for you to find what you need. Bras have become terribly expensive. And I don't like Kohls either. I find them overflated to start with then they have all these sales and you really end up spending what you would at other stores anyway. I like shopping at Marshalls for the bargains. But I hate to admit it, this is one girl who DOESN'T like shopping anymore. Too much time spend a shopaholic and I'm burnt out.

    Crows are supposed to be incredibly SMART. Good luck on the mirror trick!

    Granni. Good luck with the rash. Have you looked up any natural treatment that you can use to dry it up? And I'm sure the itching is awful. Only had it one time when I sat in a patch of lovely poison ivy.

    I've been trying to get this painting finished for my son in law's BD on the l8th. I think one more day of drying in the heat and I can do some touchup painting.

    I've heard good things about the movie, the Lone Ranger. A friend told me today that it's incredibly funny. They filmed a lot of it at the Santa Anita Race Track back in Oct. I was going to a PT place near there and the therapist told me how at their old location they spent a lot of time on the 2nd floor with binoculars watching the filming. I haven't been to the movies in at least 2 years......lots of neck and back hurts.....but I might give it a try this week.
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sun and all,

    I e-mailed my doc and I have had this before and I must be allergic to the stuff cause it doesn't take much. I have been using Caladryl spray and Ivy Rest foam stuff and it went from one blister and to a mess. We are leaving on Thursday and I don't have the time to fool around with it any more. I know also they have oatmeal baths stuff that I still have but last time I had it on my legs this time one arm. Hoping to keep it there . It looks so gross and itches like mad esp after the Beadryl spray has worn off. I have so much to do and gotta get moving - ugh !
    ( I used to be)

    Mikie - Yes you are a great couponer ( I used to be) and I love sales too but I haven't really been shopping much for stuff for me lately. Never in the right part of town. I LOVE a sale and was brought up on them. My parents didn't have that much and sales were key !!! It sure helped when my kids were all growing up - all 5 of them.

    Diane - Hope you are feeling Ok. Missed seeing you around the boards and on the Lounge.

    Rock was busy holding up the Porch eating his yummy soup made by Gordon himself :)!!

    Gotta run for now. Just wanted to pop in for a bit to check in with whoever was here.

    Love to awl,
  13. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Granni...Not sure if this will help your rash or not, but I read "somewhere" that if you rub the inside of a banana peel on a bite, it helps. I've tried it on two separate bites and, surprise!, it does work. Not sure if it would work on a rash, but, heck, it's worth a try.

    Mikie...I admire your coupon talent. I do most of my shopping on line and do watch for sales but that's about it.

    Rock...So, if Killer bites someone, we're liable.:) I doubt he'll be biting anyone. He had all his teeth pulled a year ago and is still having problems (can't hardly chew these days). Maybe, if he does bite someone, he'll "gum 'em" to death...LOL. I lived in So. Calif. most of my life until we moved here (MO/OK) 20+ years ago. I absolutely do NOT miss CA's freeways one little bit.

    SFG...Great going on the painting!

    I'm pretty limited physically, so at night I knit or crochet. Anyone else here "into" that sort of thing? Yes, even you, Rock. Remember Rosie Geier?

    Hope today's a better day than yesterday...
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids Yes, Windy, I remember Rosey Grier. Went to a book sellers convention in 1973. He was
    there autographing his crochet/needlepoint book. There were several other authors there including
    the British Barbara Woodhouse, at that time the world's most famous dog trainer. And I got an
    8 by 10 glossy from Linda Lovelace that was autographed and said, "Keep It Up".

    Gordon both knits and crochets. He made afghans for my mother and some of my aunts. In the
    last couple months he did a grey shawl and some slippers. He has a knitting machine, but hasn't
    used it for decades.

    Granni's going to Joplin. Are you near there? I sure would like to escape from Los Angeles, but
    it's impossible now. Too old and feeble. How's that packing coming, Granni? When Gordon and
    I went on trips he wanted me to be packed days in advance. I did it the night before. It's this
    kind of incompatible styles that shows a couple is well matched.

    Yup, SG, Zippy is a terrier mix. His mama was a Maltese that lived here in the neighborhood.
    His father was a stranger passing through town kinda like William Holden in "Picnic". He is
    about 13 or so. Been blind the last 3 years. The last few months he's been having trouble some
    days finding his way around. I used to walk him twice a day and then once a day. Now I can't
    do it at all. Poor thing. He deserves better. Well, I guess we all do.

    That silver stuff is expensive, isn't it Mikie. I read about it sometime back. Can't remember what
    I read. I think I read gold was tried to treat arthritis and cancer. I have both. Maybe I'll try
    sucking on my Sons of Norway ring. Uff-da!

    Ha det bra
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids, hope everyone is doing well. I just have a few minutes as I'm taking the car in for an oil change. They like to do those first thing. Glad I found a mechanic I can trust.

    Yes, colloidal silver is expensive. I forgot to check here to see whether PH sells it. I only use one brand, made here in FL. It lasts for about 3 yrs. in the bottle so buying the big bottle was probably smart. It's just that it's a lot to spend all at once. The $5 coupon helped but not that much. Oh well, it's better than nada.

    I was so happy as no crows dared to fly down and eat the cats' food. I didn't hear them cawing either. Well, at least one got through my wind sock defensive line and scattered their food all over the place. So, today, I put up another wind sock. I know they don't like them. If that fails, I'll be looking in the party stores and online for those colored foil things which come flat but unfold when you hang them up. They spin around in a dizzying dance in the breezes. The only problem is that we usually have a calm spell every afternoon. I suspect that's when the crow came to eat. Finally, I can just accept things, feed the little pests and clean the Balcony. AACK!

    I gotta go. Talk atcha later.

    Love, Mikie
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock.....OK....Now I'm interested in watching the movie, Picnic and William Holden. Is that a Shirley Jones movie or am I just thinking picnics? As in Oklahoma and Carousel? Your little dog sounds so cute. It's sad when we see our pets aging. We had a springer spaniel, Lucy, who got seizures. The vet said we would just have to put her down. I said we had to wait until my sons could come say goodbye. Well, she surprised us and lived more than a year after that but I almost had to pick her out bodily to go to the bathroom. I hated to do it.......and then one day she fell into the pool and drowned and my daughter had the trauma to find her and pull her out. Another dog of ours, Buttons, also drowned in the pool. He was diabetic and probably going blind. People don't realize how dangerous a pool is to pets.

    Granni....how's the rash and the packing going? How long will you be gone?

    Diane. I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly. It's bad enough to be like this in bad weather but it seems to be even worse in the heat. Hope you feel better. I'm like you.....get scared when there's a tad bit of strong wind or a storm. The weather is changing all over the world. I don't know how Windy stands the harsh winters or the humidity or the wind. I guess I'm spoiled in So. Calif. but then we live with earthquake threats all the time. When I'm finished with the painting I'll put it up as my new avatar since we can't post photos.....or at least I don't know how.

    Mikie. In honor of your crows I thought about you today on my little morning walk. I'm trying to develop a new habit of writing daily......darn but it's hard.

    I heard them before I saw them, the gathering of the black crows in the park. Every morning without fail there’s about 50 of them, raucous, screaming at each other, and the occasional walkers or joggers who circuit around the park. Without fail about a third of them acknowledge my presence and so I stop to catch my breath and watch their antics. They really are a very intelligent bird, and many people have caught a baby and taught them to talk. I’ve also heard that they will steal bright colored bits of this and that and take it to a secret place.

    They seem to have races, I guess to enliven their morning hours. Suddenly two will line up, and then take off to a determined tree in the distance. I can just imagine one of them laughing to the loser, A ha, I won again. A minute later two more will race to the same tree. And then a lone bird will also take off for the same tree, I guess he couldn’t find a partner.

    They start screeching, “dog alert, dog alert”, and then they all scatter enmasse to distant trees to watch two dogs and their mistress. I am drawn by the rapt attention one of the dogs gives to her. I wait to walk again, thinking I might interrupt a one on one lesson, but she looks up and waves at me telling me it’s OK to walk. I tell her I’m really impressed with her dog training, thinking she would have come in handy when I was raising my children! How obedient these two dogs are with her. She continues on with their walk ahead of me, I notice the dogs walk almost shoulder to shoulder, very smartly and with a prancing step. She steps down onto the road and they follow her for about three feet, then she jiggles the leashes and they step back to the sidewalk in tandem, never losing a beat. She pulls on the leashes and they’re back on the road, walk three feet , she jingles the leashes and they again step up to the sidewalk, even though the entire time of about twenty feet she’s walking on the road. Incredible training on her part and I’ve certainly enjoyed watching them.
  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi all you slow-pokes. (I've got this weird "slow-poke" tune worm in my head and can't shake it off. Been three days now.)

    Anyways, no fences meant!

    Richard has gone to town (village) and darn if I didn't forget to put kale chips on the shopping list. You were all talking about them last thread or so, and I've seen them in the stores (this is Calif.), so I decided I would like to try them. Very expensive. Seems like the price of goji berries has gone up too, so I'll have to have them on my cereal on alternate days.... Darn! Guess I'll go back to dried mulberries.

    Yay, we picked our first tomatoes yesterday: a small basket (punnet) of red cherry toms. Pretty good, but not as nice as Sungolds, which I guess we didn't get this year. Nothing like home-grown tomatoes.

    Rock, I sure wish I could knit or/and crochet. I am truly envious of Gordon! Do you do any yourself? I think Richard would have a fit if I knit because my colour coordinations can be a bit "odd" as he says. Oh well, I love my colours. Ah, I see that Windytalker is a knitter too! How many more of you are out there? My mum used to knit all my sweaters and cardigans when I was a kid. I should have learned then! What would I now knit? Scarves, pot-holders, etc.

    Diane, sorry for your herxing. I feel like I've been "herxing" ever since I was dxd with CFS. The sweats, chills,,, etc. I've tried every diet I could think of. I was glute-free for a year and then gave up. I wish you better luck!

    I've got the dizzies pretty bad today, and that always makes me feel nervous and out of control. Sure don't think I could go horse-riding today. Or even car-driving.

    Hey Rock, do you feel hemmed in by houses sometimes? Sometimes I feel hemmed in by the trees. Out of contact with the "real" world. I guess my "real" world consists of looking at my garden, and enjoying the wildlife. I saw a Monarch butterfly among the Swallowtail butterflies yesterday. They were clustered on the blooms of the nicely named Butterfly Bush (Buddleia). A pair of wild band-tailed pigeons came to my bird table . First time ever, for them. Very beautiful.

    Have a lovely day/evening,
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi awl,

    Not sure if I mentioned that we will not be taking our trip due to a big wet blotch on our bedroom ceiling. The guy came and looked today but didn't have his long latter or stuff he needed to fix it anyway. So, he will be back tomorrow. Looks like there is a problems with one of the vents , when the wind and rain blows a certain way. They are talking about off and on rain this week so we are sticking around and getting whatever fixed. Wasn't exactly looking forward to that long a ride in the car with my poison whatever it is on my arm. The Prednisone seems to be helping somewhat so far. Not seeming to be draining as much for sure. However, there are a couple others seem like they are trying to pop out, not sure yet.

    Those dumb squirrels have been chewing on our lead jacks that are supposed to be shielding something but not quite sure. Any who as ROCK would say the dumb squirrels have been chewing on those things and on had to be replaced and other fixed some. The lead jacks are supposed to be shielding whatever from the squirrels. Sounds like it is not working. Need to get rid of those squirrels. We have cut down a bunch of drees and limbs so it makes it harder for the squirrels. We'll see :)!!!

    This prednisone sure is playing havoc with my calcium scheduling. I have no idea of when to take it and may just take it as usual and what I get is what I get into my bones. BTW, I also have OP.

    Barry - Nice to see you here this evening and DIANE too. Sorry you are herxing and not feeling well AGAIN> I know none of this is not fun. I keep on chugging and still feel like crap although for me most is pain related. If that would go away maybe some of the other stuff would go away too, except for the OP, and may hypothyroidism too.

    Love to awl,
    Gran:) ni
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Loungers, hope everyone is doing well. I'm still having some symptoms of a UTI but am trying home remedies before I see the doc. I'm tired but otherwise, it's not really a problem.

    The mechanic didn't want to do the oil change yesterday as I haven't put enough miles on it since the last one. I could go a year in between oil changes but I'm not comfortable with that so I compromised and will take it in every 9 months. I'll be glad to drive up to Orlando in Oct. to put some miles on it. By then, the Highlander will be 12 years old. I can't believe it. I don't drive much and it still looks like new. Some guy has an old Volvo sports car with more than 3 million miles on it. It also looks like new.

    Diane, thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm sorry you are Herxing; just keep telling yourself it means nasty stuff is leaving your body. Yes, our Balcony was a DMZ for five years while there was a feud between an upstairs neighbor and a downstairs neighbor. It was horrible. When they finally made up, I wanted a place of love and friendship so we went about making the Balcony a magic place. Soooo many neighbors and their dogs visit, sit a while, and have a cup of coffee. Everyone is welcome. Hope you feel better. I had a lot more energy when I went gluten free after a couple of weeks. Then, when I gave up dairy, I had even more energy.

    Sunflower, I agree with Diane. It would be great if you could show us your artwork. What kind of writing do you do? I'm working on my memoires for my kids. Yes, the crows are crafty little devils. We don't like them because they, and the blue jays, attack the nests of other birds in addition to eating the cats' food. They are birds of opportunity. Where other birds move out, they take over. In addition to our large exotic birds, we have mockingbirds and mourning doves. The mockingbirds serenade me when I'm out drinking my morning coffee (or, is he mocking me :)

    Barry, soooo good to see you here. I used to knit and crochet. I got a bad cold last year and was bored out of my mind. Finally, I dragged myself to Michael's to find something I could do while resting. They had the cutest potholder directions and they sell the yarn. Barb and I both knitted the ones which look like slices of orange or lime. They are really cute and easy to do. I have tried the crocheted apple designs but have found that I've forgotten how to crochet. I have directions but I still struggled and finally gave up. I no longer have patience to do any larger projects, like sweaters. I think it's my ADD. At least, I can blame it on that. What kind of needlework do you do?

    Granni, Oy! Poison Ivy rash and a water leak too. I'm so sorry you had to cancel your trip. I hope that rash clears up and you get the leak fixed. Squirrels are almost as bad as my crows. We have one in our shade tree by the Balcony and he comes down just to scold us and the cats. I think he has a condo in the palm tree next to the shade tree. When I first hung my birdhouse/prayer box in the shade tree, he chewed one corner off of it. One day, he was screeching so loudly at us that I sprayed him with a water bottle. He loves to taunt the cats. I do, however, enjoy watching them scampering all over the slash pine trees out back.

    Today is a "day off" with no appts. Tomorrow, the A/C guy is coming out to check my unit. Looks as though it's going to be a rainy day again. I'm anxious to try out my pool dumbbells I made out of foam noodles and PVC pipe. Otherwise, I'll have no excuse not to clean my condo. Also, it's time to take my paper recyclables down to the dumpster. We need our A/C overflow pipes outside sucked out and, since my shop vac is sitting out, I might just do that. It doesn't take long to do. They get fungi in them and don't drain as they should. My A/C guy would do mine but they all need it. In addition to being on our condo assn.'s board, I double as a maintenance (wo)man. No pay but it does save money for us.

    Hope y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I wasn't going to post 'cause I am feelin' kinda poorly. On the other hand, maybe posting will
    distract me from what the medical profession calls minor discomfort and I call pain. Ha Ha!
    Am reading the autobiography of Burt Bacharach. The only song he wrote that I knew of was
    "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". Never
    cared much for it. Then I discovered he wrote one of my favorites from my teen years:
    Magic Moments. Perry Como had the big hit recording.

    I talked to Burt and his wife Angie Dickson about 40 years. They were staying in a place
    south of Los Angeles on the coast. Anglie answered the phone (no maid) and told me Burt
    was swimming in the ocean. She kindly fetched him. Anyhoo, just a routine call about a minor
    auto accident. No claim. (I didn't get their autographs. No fax machines in those days.)

    Mikie, have you seen the video on Youtube where a crow uses a tool? Not only, but makes
    the tool. Hardly a birdbrain. Your knitted fruit slices sound like the kind of stuff Iola Boylan
    (Beverly Archer) used to do on "Mama's Family".

    Nope, can't knit, Barry. Am too clumsy to do any kind of arts and crafts. Gordon got a library
    book about men knitting. It said cowboys, sailors and fishermen used to knit their work
    clothes. I looked up the band-tailed pigeon. Very handsome; a "heavy bodied bird".

    Think I'd better go before I lose this. Back soon. (That's a song in "Oliver".)