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    Hi, Rock, I'm sorry for your pain. I hope it passes soon. I'm here trying to get out of cleaning. Now, I feel really bad; you have a good excuse and I don't. I once dated a guy "in love" with Angie Dickinson. She did have great legs but there was just something about her; she wasn't one of my favorites. I also loved "Magic Moments." Another Perry Como song I loved was, "Find a Wheel." Kind of a dumb song but it had a nice bouncy tune, good to work out to.

    I have not found that video. I had heard about it though. I'm not surprised. Now that I've put up three wind spinners, the Crow Nation has declared war on me and the cats. There was no wind this morning and the crows were sitting around on the gutters cawing. I chased them off. One of them sat glaring at me from a lamp post as I drank my UTI Special (cranberry juice) out on The Balcony. I flashed my Feng Shui mirror at him and he flew down into the little shade tree to scream at me. I came in and got a water bottle filled with water and vinegar. He stood his ground hopping from one limb to another until he'd had enough of the vinegar on him. Then, he left for good. I may try this again if they approach. They will sit out on The Balcony railing and approach slowly. I can probably hit them with my water bottle. I don't want to hurt them, just keep them away. I brought the food inside as both cats had been in for milk and food.

    India Hicks was on HSN yesterday. She was one of Princess Diana's bridesmaids. She on the Mountbatten (Prince Phillip) side of the family. She is gorgeous and used to model. She lives in the Bahamas now. She has a store on the island and sells her home décor items on TV. Many of her things, like her bedding, were reasonable but a lot of the little items were too pricey. It's so easy to pick up cheap things to copy her style. Island style is perfect for FL. I think I have some kind of sea shells, starfish and baskets in every room of my condo. It's done in what I consider tasteful ways in moderation. There's a really el cheapo store which is HUGE and I know it carries similar things. I could use just a couple of island things to mix with my family pics in my little sitting/guest room. I also need a couple of larger baskets for the armoire in my bedroom. I love decorating on the cheap.

    I may push my procrastinating to the next level and go check out the store. I actually worked hard earlier outside. I took my shop vac and sucked out all the A/C drain pipes. Y'all wouldn't believe the gunky fungus sludge in the water in those drains. AACK! I had to come inside to shower off the sweat and any fungi I may have gotten on my skin. Remember my bulls eye fungus rash? Don't want to revisit that chapter.

    See y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie. Your balcony sounds like a really peaceful, friendly place to hang out in. How big is it and what do you look out on and are you first floor? I have visions of much fun conversation going on. That must have been a very bad situation with the upstairs/downstairs war going on. Did they both sell and move away?

    OK......read your "war" with the crows today and I'm still laughing, picturing what's going on with the vinegar bottle. Have you tried some double stick tape on the railing? Maybe that might deter them a bit. I use it on the couch and chairs where I'm fed up with cat fur everywhere.

    We live in a neighborhood where most people work and also have gardeners. Families come and go over the last 28 years and now I couldn't name 4 families on the entire length of the streets or side streets. As to the writing, I'm trying to write a little POSITIVE/UPBEAT thoughts daily, like a journal.

    I didn't know Angie Dickinson was married to Burt. What that after she ran with the Rat Pack? And didn't she have a secret affair with JFK?

    By the way, I looked up Linda Lovelace yesterday. I had forgotten who she was. Anyway on this bio site there are other celebrities to the side who have a connection to the person you're reading about. OK....so that lead me to read about Ben Gazzara....remember "Run for your life"? I had a huge crush on him and when I was about 22 I was in LA/Beverly Hills. He and his wife, Janice Rule, had just come out of an art gallery, I spotted him and wanted to get his autograph.....they spotted me and took off on a fast clip/run to their car! Darn. I also almost ran into Herb Albert bicycling past. What a day! I've grown up now and celebrities don't impress me. I even passed up on seeing governor Schwarzenegger who was about a mile from my home.

    Rock. I'm so sorry you're still in a lot of pain. Is the chiropractor helping a little? Have you tried ice on the hurting area? I was at Marshalls the other day and bought a wide neoprene belt for when my back hurts. I can tuck in a frozen gel pack. Do you know what you did to bring this on? Usually I can think back to something I shouldn't have lifted or moved.

    For anyone interested, I DON'T knit or crochet. Tried my hand at both and I was awful. Kept dropping or adding stitches. Tried knitting a sweater with the help of coworkers years ago (Rock....I worked in claims at AAA) and even with their help I don't think he wore it more than l hr. Last year my crochet efforts turned into a fuzzy blanket/scarf for my cat, Abby! At least she loves it in the winter time. She snuggles in it, pulling it over her head and giving her comfort and love from me.

    Barry. I sympathize with you about the dizzies. I've got meniers along with the FM and neck troubles so who knows what causes it. I'm gonna buy some of those kale chips just to try them. Pulled out a bag of cut up kale to stir fry last night. It was NOT the same as what I bought before. Apparently there's a big difference in BABY cut up kale and organic cut up kale. Tough and stringy.

    I'm waiting for the AC repair man AGAIN. He came out on the 8th, and replaced a part to the tune of $345.
    Yesterday I flipped it on and no AC. I called in a panic because the 10 year warranty is up tonight on the compressor. I got the manager last night so he's fitting me in his schedule this morning. I'm breathing a little better and hopefully he knows exactly what's wrong.
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    Hello Again. It's I Again. A simpering, whimpering child again. Bewitched, bothered and ....

    Diane, enjoying "Bad Monkey"? I'm still waiting for my copy. I forgot the name of Dave
    Barry's last novel, but I think it has the most complicated plot I've ever come across. I
    wonder if he used charts or colored paper to keep track of all the different sub plots and

    How long does that herxing business last? I never heard of the word before coming here.
    It's not the kind of word one can figure out without help.

    Granni, sorry to hear the bad news. No trip and sabotaging squirrels. Never knew they
    could chew metal. Never heard the term roof jacks either. Anyhoo, here is the URL
    for a site that discusses same with some suggestions:


    Mike, I loved "Find A Wheel. Came out the same time as Magic Moments. I miss those
    old musical/variety shows. Tennessee Ernie Ford, Andy Williams, Arthur Godfrey, Your
    Show of Shows (Sid Caesar), Ed Sullivan, etc.

    "Find a wheel and it goes round, round, round
    As it skims along with a happy sound
    As it goes along the ground, ground, ground
    Till it leads you to the one you love."

    In our day singers had voices and songs had melodies.

    Don't know much about Angie's bio, SG, but she was only one of Burt's wives. I think he had
    four plus lottsa girlfriends. Folks in the book were very candid about their affaires du coeur.

    How long did you work for AAA? I worked as a social worker, claims adjuster, attorney. The jobs
    were very similar. You dealt with people who had problems. If you needed help you looked in a
    book: The manual, the office guide, the book of statutes, etc. Spent a lotta time reading stuff and
    writing reports. And money was always of paramount importance.

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    Hi, Kids, I'm back from the hunt. I'm spent and so is my money. Actually, I got a lot of great stuff, including just the right size baskets for my bedroom armoire. I did a little vignette, ala India Hicks, on the parsons table in my sitting/guest room. It's in the family area of the Feng Shui bagua and I have pics of all of us on the table. The whole room is Feng Shui'ed and the energy in there is amazing. I try to do the whole condo and each room as much as possible. People come in and say they feel so good in my space.

    Sunflower, I live in an end unit upstairs in an 8-unit bldg., 4 up and 4 down. The Balcony isn't large at all. It runs the whole length of the upstairs. It's just wide enough for our chairs with small tables in between to hold our drinks. The area where we have our coffee is just outside my door and Barb's. In the middle of the bldg. is the shade tree so we have our drinks there in the afternoon as it faces west. We have white lights in the shade tree for winter nights when we gather for cocktails. It really is a magical place.

    The feud was over nothing, as feuds usually are. No one moved, the feud just ran its course and now everyone is fine. It's silly for friends to stop talking over a disagreement. We got new neighbors a couple of years ago. Someone said something which hurt the woman's feelings. She told me that she was even thinking of selling. I told her when you live in a condo, it's just like a family. We have fights but in the end, we all love each other and would do anything for one another. She's still here, with a thicker skin. We call ourselves our Florida Family. It extends beyond our bldg. This is such a nice neighborhood.

    Hope you get your A/C fixed. My A/C guy is coming in the morning for the annual checkup. It's working fine and fairly new so don't expect anything (fingers crossed).

    Rock, I thought I was the only one who loved that song. I try to catch the PBS specials with the singers and music from the 40's and 50's. Somehow, no matter how much I loved living in those years, it always makes me cry. Barb said the same thing. I'm just not into much of today's music. Perhaps if I listened to it, I'd find some I like. I do like some of what Green Day does. There's a cable channel where they show videos of singers and groups. They often have good interviews too. I do adore Beyoncé.

    Still, these guys can't hold a candle to The Platters, Rosemary Clooney; Perry Como; Andy Williams; Patsy Cline; The Lettermen; Peter, Paul & Mary, etc. And, of course, Elvis. I've always said that if someone isn't a "believer," all he has to do is listen to Elvis' gospel album. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

    Tweety was complaining loudly when I drove in. It was pouring rain. She thinks I control the weather. She slept in the chair next to me out on The Balcony earlier. It was so peaceful. It got me to thinking about the concept of having a home. Most of us are so connected to our homes, be they palatial or one room. Our homes reflect us and they are where we can be ourselves. Most Cancers love home and hearth. I go to a lot of trouble to make mine just as I like it but it is so very livable. My fabrics are natural and my wooden furniture is distressed, by design or through just living. Having a cat or dog snoozing is what really makes a house a home to me. Tweety is napping on top of my loveseat, safe and content. She is so beautiful that I enjoy just watching her sleep. It calms me.

    Well, I've written "W&P" again. Now, I'm too tired to clean. Oh well, as Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is another day."

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: I'm assuming Tweety and Sylvester don't shed much. Our two cats shed terribly from spring to fall. I brush them daily with a curry brush thing and it's amazing how much I remove in one sitting, until they decide they've had enough and run away.

    What is feng shui bagua? I'm familiar with the feng shui concept....makes sense to me.

    I also love to decorate however my style has been "early thrift store"! LOL. I've picked up antique pieces (Victorian tables) added wicker furniture I repaired and painted black, bought coffee table that was missing the glass inserts, and cut wood to fit, painted it black with gold tracings on the queen anne legs and around the top here and there. The large 9' couch we bought when we married in 1967 and it's gone thru a series of recovering. This last one I had done in a dark brown ultra suede (boy does that pick up cat fur) and added throw pillows to bring everything together. I've always loved the beach style. Awhile back I remember quite a lot of upscale stores were carrying furniture from the west indies featuring caning or bamboo with nice dark woods.

    You guys who loved Andy Williams (me too) and all those 50's singers, will laugh at this. My son in law's little company bought a desert house and they searched the upscale resale shops around Palm Desert. They bought some night stand tables and a few chairs for the bedroom that had belonged to Andy Williams. I love them, but had to ask my SIL if he ever heard "moon river" being channeled as he sat there! LOL My daughter didn't think that was amusing at all!

    Roc: I worked 7 years for AAA. Started out as a secretary for the "attorney negotiator" and loved the job. Then we got transferred to another office and the drive was long.....before the freeway went in. So I transferred again, got PG and ended up quitting so I could be a full time mom. One thing that stuck with me forever is "it's the squeaking wheel that gets the oil". If one yelled loud enough you got what you wanted. First be polite, and if that doesn't work, start asking for the manager.

    Well, the AC man has come and gone and it only cost me an extra $125. I got the impression that the first repairman should have added a booster part after he checked the AMPS so he gave me a 50% off. He pulled out the filter (my husband is in charge of that.....but no more) and we both stared at it, it was incredibly crusted with dirt. I've bought new filters at $40 apiece and after I figure out how to open the door in the unit, moi will now be changing them!
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    Hi awl,
    Enjoy reading especially about your animals and all the songs you just mentioned Mikie,, Rock and Sun too. I love all the songs mentioned and I think the last word in that song Rock is Bewildered. Don't know if you left that word out intentionally or not. However, I remembered it so had to chime in. Yes, Elvis had a strong voice and could sing so many things. To bad he literally screwed up his life with lots of help from others but that's another story. Lots of singers and movie stars doing that bad stuff to their bodies and their careers. That is just another sad story. Yes and Magic Moments and Find A Wheel. I do remember those songs, so well. Speaking of Perry Como we used to call him my MOM's boyfriend cause she loved his singing so much. He did have a wonderful voice, too.

    Rock - Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered used to be one of the songs we sang at nursing homes and such, There are so many songs you would all know if I mentioned them that we still do sing. Some of the older residents who don't remember a whole lot will remember at least parts of these songs, Sad to say I remember very little of the newer ones.

    Mikie - You gave good advice to that newer condo resident that time. Best to leave feuds lie and forget about them. Feuds can cause lots of problems and usually for very little reason nor does it help anyone in the end.

    Better run. Need to go and start getting ready for bed and do my routine of cleaning up my poison Ivy or whatever with the Ivy Rest Foam and then paint myself pink again :)!!!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Loungers,

    Sunflower, is that one of your paintings? I looooove it. I also love reclaiming and repurposing furniture. My daughters do too. I'd much rather go into a home with unique things and one which looks lived in than one with everything matchy, matchy and perfect. No offense to anyone who is into matchy, matchy; it's just not me. I love the creativity involved in restoring furniture.

    I comb Tweety and brush Sylvester and get some fur from them but not that much. Only Tweety naps inside. I have a little lint brush and it removes all her fur from the furniture. My sofas are all cotton/denim type fabric in white or linen colors. I keep the main things neutral so I can use pops of color for accent. I love color but too much of it disrupts my calmness.

    Speaking of being calm--it is amazing how much better my home feels and how much more calm, and yet energized, I feel since utilizing Feng Shui. There are two FS schools of thought: The Compass and the Bagua. Using the Bagua is easier for me. It's simply an octagonal shape you can apply to your living space. Each side represents a different area of one's life. There's tons of info online on how to do this. The shapes and colors one uses all affect the energy in the home. Shiny objects, glossy walls, and circles all increase energy. Low, heavy furnishings are more calming. The trick is in balancing one's home so it has just the right balance.

    Glad you didn't have another huge A/C bill. As I had hoped, mine was just an annual checkup. He knocked off $20 because yesterday, I had sucked out all the A/C overflow drain pipes outside for each unit in our bldg., a nasty job. I've known this family through another neighbor for a few years and they are honest and nice. This kid has had a divorce since I saw him last but he's now seeing a girl he went to HS with and they were best friends then. He is sooooo happy and it made me so happy to see him like this. I love good news.

    Granni, I have "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" on one of my Rod Stewart CD's in his Standards series. I think it's one he sings with Cher. I love those CD's. Kids don't buy CD's any more; they just download songs to their iPods. I have an MP3 player in my phone but I still love playing the entire CD in my CD player at home or in the car. I'll bet kids wonder what that long slit is for in the dashboard. New cars sync their iPods. How much has the world changed in our lifetimes. Heck, that's a whole 'nother thread.

    Thanks for your kind words about the advice I gave our neighbor. There has been another stupid feud in another bldg. between two people I love. Finally, the cold war is thawing. One of the women told me it was such a relief to be able to talk again. While she was away on vacation, she had time to think about how she wants to live her life and feuding isn't what she wants. Kudos to her!

    This morning, I got up early, fed Simon, ate breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. Tweety and I sat out on The Balcony until my A/C guy arrived. I haven't put any food out yet because both Tweety and Sylvester had come inside for milk, food and treats. So far, I haven't seen any crows hanging around. After the A/C guy left, I cleaned up the rest of the condo but it still needs to be vacuumed, dusted and, when I'm up to it, the traffic pattern needs shampooed in the carpet. It wouldn't hurt to run the hard floor machine over the tiles too.

    I'm just too tired to do more right now so will probably watch the two nights of "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" I missed by falling asleep. Thank God for On Demand. I'm finding I'm not missing the newspaper on the weekdays. I more than cut my subscription cost by half. I can catch the local news on TV and, of course, the national news too. If I want to subject myself to it, I can read the editorials and letters to the editor on my computer but I find I'm happier if I don't read them. Some of the letters to the editor are so hateful and rude. I don't need that.

    Unfortunately, I think my internet connection is just too slow for streaming some videos. I have Netflix on wi-fi so think I'm going to bite the bullet and pay another $20 a month to upgrade. Rats!--while I'm trying to cut down. Still, my computer and TV are basically my only entertainment costs. I guess I can look at it as less than $10 with what I'm saving on my newspaper.

    So, my Online Family, I bid y'all adieu til next time.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids
    Mikie, I remember about 20 years ago I was training a new attorney right outta law school. He was
    of Chinese descent. First thing he did when he saw his office was call the janitor and have his desk
    moved. Said it was non Feng Shui to have a desk face a door. He also had a picture of his family
    mansion on the desk. Certainly far removed from my Mid West upbringing. He was BTW a
    very bright and pleasant fellow.

    I looked up Feng Shui. There are two schools. The Compass is world wide. The Bagua is short for
    Baguette and is only popular in France.

    You're right, Granni. "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered " is the title. It's from the
    musical "Pal Joey" which opened on Broadway the year I was born. An unknown played the
    title role; later made a few movies: Gene Kelly.

    Yes, I love the music of my youth which I guess his pretty standard. I wonder if 30 years from now,
    folks will be nostalgic for rap. Hard to picture. Mikie, those PBS specials with old groups getting
    together and singing their hits don't seem very credible to me. Decades have gone by, but they
    still sound exactly the same. Their voices haven't aged? The arrangements are exactly the same?
    I think what we are seeing is nostalgic lip syncing.

    SG, I am stunned by your picture. Beautiful composition, use of color, draftsmanship; Absolutely
    magnificent. I can't draw anything except stick figures and doodles. How often do you paint;
    and how long does it take to do a painting?

    Wow! Andy Williams vibes. Cool. I used to live in a house that had been owned by Tennessee
    Ernie Ford. (Note: his real name was Kentucky Ernie Ford.) It was in Monterey Park, Ca, a few
    miles E. of LA. So far as I know, he just owned it; never lived in it.

    Going to the dr. this afternoon. His assistant who takes the vital signs, etc. has all the charm and
    personality of a funeral director. He's probably in his early 30s. I wonder if he ever has any fun.
    And what will he be like when he's old and falling apart like one or two of the folks here? SOL
    (Smilin' out loud.)

  9. sunflowergirl

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    I love those PBS music specials....love to see what they look like now and how they sound. I never thought that they might be lipsyncing. Remember how Frank Sinatra lost his voice.

    All that talk about feng shui makes me want to take a serious look at my surroundings. Think I'll get a book on it from the library and perhaps rearrange some furniture.

    My ongoing saga about AC repairs......after I purchased the new filters I came home and tried to open the little door to install one. No way was this darn knob going to move. DH came home and struggled, looked up instructions on the internet and still couldn't. So I have an AC guy coming AGAIN today. The guy yesterday either jammed it somehow or both of us have gotten terribly weak in our fingers! Well, no, can't be because we both even tried pliers to turn it AND WD40

    Thanks Mikie and Rock for appreciating my painting. I hope my son in law also loves it.....although he's my biggest fan. He told my daughter, when I was asking what to buy him for his BD, ask her to paint something for me. It's a fountain in a courtyard at their beach house and his dog Savannah. I actually had to cheat and transfer a photo onto the canvas otherwise that fountain would have done me in. This one is only 9 x 12 so maybe about 5 hrs. But I used acrylic paints out of the jar from Michaels to do the fountain and lay in the blocks of color, then I went back with oil. You can paint oil over acrylic but not the other way around. I try to paint daily. I work in WC and oils and have a huge supply of pastel sticks also. But with pastel you have to store carefully or frame it right away. Everytime I go back to oils I ask myself WHY I left it.....it just feels so good.
  10. Mikie

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    Rock, lip sync? Ha!Ha! It's especially intriguing how they get the dead ones to come back to do the specials. It's not unusual at all for Chinese people to incorporate Feng Shui into their offices and homes. On HGTV, one couple was looking for just the right Feng Shui house. There are certain types of things in houses which would make them unlivable for anyone into FS. I guess in France, if you didn't employ the baguette method correctly, you might just want to loaf around the house :D

    AACK! Sunflower, having to call the guy again? I've found with repairmen, they often use a cordless driver but leave it on the most powerful setting, the one you use when drilling. That causes overtightening of screws and can strip them. When the TV guy was here, I cringed every time he put in a screw. The sound alone should be a clue. The guy who installed my hot water tank overtightened a screw I needed to loosen to take off the cover to the temp setting. He was such a jerk about it when I asked him to stop by. Well, I finally got it myself but I will never use him again.

    I use acrylics when I paint. I understand that they can be watered down for watercolor painting. There is a substance which makes acrylics like oils. They don't dry so fast and you can come back and work on a painting just like with oil paints. I haven't tried that but I am thinking of watering them down and try watercolor painting. I saw an abstract watercolor in which salt had been added. It made all kinds of patterns in the paint--interesting. Have you seen the pics using a hairdryer to melt crayons on the canvass? Beautiful, brilliant colors. Oh, the things I see on Pinterest.

    I did catch up on TV shows but didn't nap and still feel funky. I cleaned out my catchall basket, paid a bill online, filed receipts, and sorted things into recycling. It's raining--AGAIN!--so I can't take my recycle stuff down. Oh well, I'm too lazy to do it anyway.

    Oh to sleep, perchance to dream...I'll see you in my dreams, my Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Well, here I am again. It's one of those days when I don't feel particularly well and ache all over as I've felt for a few days. I truly think some kind of virus is at my doorstep. I am doing everything I can to keep it at bay. I just got out of an Epsom Salt soak. That, and an NSAID always helps. My head even aches and that doesn't usually happen. It's possible I'm Herxing from all the colloidal silver and Acyclovir. Whine, whine, whine!

    I have a kind of nervous energy but not the physical energy to do much. On days like this, I usually get some small tasks done. I've been putting off connecting my DVD player to the TV so I decided to do it. There was something wrong with my component cables. I found some old ones and they are working fine. I think I fixed the first set. Then, the audio cable fell out and there was no sound. Good grief! I decided to watch Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland" with Johnny Depp. I forgot what an entertaining movie that was. Sometimes, pure fantasy is just what the doctor ordered. I love "Avatar" for that.

    Again, kids today don't buy the DVD's. They stream the videos to their TV's, computers or tablets. I still have some VCR tapes and this DVD player plays them too. Like I said, it's a whole new world. Will we be able to keep up? Will we want to? What's coming? I worry that kids are too into their electronics and have lost the ability to communicate one on one or even enjoy the world around them. I hope not.

    Well, kids, gonna hit the sack early tonight. No crows today but it's rained most of the day so I can't claim victory--yet. I live to fight another day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. Windytalker

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    I'm testing the "Upload a File" button. Wanted to see how it worked. Easy!!! The painting attached was done many years ago for a friend who loves cats.

    As you can see, I also like to paint, but I haven't been able to manage it well in the last 12 years. In the process of having thoracic surgery, I was damaged (diaphragm) and along with it, my right shoulder was also damaged. I have a terrible time just working a computer mouse. Some days, it takes 2 hands. Drives me bonkers. I also like to use acrylics. If anything, cleanup is so easy and there's never any odor. My son asked me to do a painting for him of his much beloved dog...and I warned him I might not be able to complete it. But, get this, he wanted it done using the dog's ashes. It's a work in progress, but I tend to avoid it since it's so difficult for me anymore. I feel bad for letting my son down...:(

    So much chatter about oldie, but goodie, music. Yep, back then, music was "good". Since we moved to this part of the world, it's easy to get country-western music. But, there again, I listen to a station that plays "the oldies". I bought myself a birthday present last year...I succumbed to a TV ad for music from the 40's thru to the 80's. I really enjoy all of those CD's. All the newer music seem to sound the same...not much is "catchy". I enjoy the movie "Blast From The Past" with Brendon Frazier. It's such a funny movie about a kid raised underground for over 30 years. When he does go "up top", he hears Perry Como signing on a radio and gets all excited...LOL.

    Out of curiosity, since Rock mentioned it, I looked up to see when "Pal Joey" was first presented on Broadway...1940. So, that has to be the year Rock was born. I had a hunch he and I were close in age. I was born in 1939.

    I need to try to get some sleep...and I hope all of you are resting comfortably.

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    Hi, Windy, Wow! You are talented. The brush strokes in the kittie's fur are amazing. I'm going to start a new thread. It's overdue. Look for #168.

    Love, Mikie