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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dolsgirl, May 8, 2003.

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    I want people to know that in my particular case, I cannot read long posts as my neck hurts all the time at the computer & I've tried many positions for my computer screen. I cannot even remember what the long post started with. For me & probably other users, it's much easier if it's shortened and concise. I'd appreciate it. I know that they all can't be shortened. Does anyone else have this problem? dolsgirl
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    Dolsgirl, I cannot follow a long post either.

    Denizen,I always put titles in caps but type in small print for the post, however, now that you pointed out you have trouble, will use small for the titles also---this is just a habit of mine--a throw back from school days, and that is a long time ago. (Now I hope I remember) Fondly June
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    Most of the time I don't read the long posts-too much for me. I also hate the posts that are in all caps-I just can't stand to read them, so most of the time I don't. Another thing about posting that Mikie has brought up more than once. Only make your post title one line long. If you make it longer, then the other posts roll over to the second page sooner.

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    I had read that when you type in all caps it's interpreted as yelling and is just difficult to read if it's continuous. dolsgirl
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    bump to go along with the long titles.
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