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    Do not, I repeat, do not apply for Long Term Care Insurance from Met Life. I have had CFS for 7 years, remained in full time employment for the first 4 years, and am able to run a home and bake to raise money for charity without assistance. Before I applied for LTC Insurance my broker contacted the underwriters at MetLife who asked a lot of questions and saw no reason to deny my application. I applied...and they denied my application. Why? And I quote "because we don't know what the future will hold for you" with regard to my CFS. What a bloody stupid answer! Are they saying that they have a great big crystal ball that lets them see the future for all other applicants, but it goes cloudy for CFS sufferers? I think not! So just don't go there otherwise, like I will now have to do, you will in the future have to answer the "Have you ever been denied an application for Long Term Care Insurance" in the affirmative.

    If anyone knows of an insurance company that will provide LTC Insurance to CFS sufferers, please let me know and I'll pass it on to my broker. Thanks.
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    Truthfully, Met Life appears to have done no investigation, obtained no opinion from a doctor of their choice, and I would find their answer to be vague, unprofessional and unacceptable. BUT DON'T STOP PAYING YOUR PREMIUMS.

    Also, go through the Met Life policy you have and read it carefully, even the little print. Find out if you applied for long term disability correctly according to the policy. If not, then reapply correctly doing exactly as they want in the policy. Then read the policy and learn what it takes to appeal, how much time you have to appeal, where you have to appeal, if you have to appeal using certified mail, etc. (in other words, all the little things they require).

    If you have already applied correctly, then read the policy about appealing.

    I hope you are seeing a rheumatologist who agrees with you that you are disabled long term and that your other doctors agree also--you need them as proof and if they don't agree with you it will be tough to prove to a long-term insurer that you are disabled. You will need good back-up medical evidence to prove this and that includes test results and any reports that have been made. If you believe you are disabled long-term, it may be time to apply for Social Security Disability. Check your Met Life Policy and you may find something in there that if you go on Long Term Disability, they may require you to apply for Social Security Disability.

    So get to a quiet place and read carefully and make notes.

    Also, just as a mention and it is ultimately your decision--you may want to consider an attorney for Social Security Disability and who would do the long term disability too and if not the long term disability, if they would know an attorney who does. Some of the insurance carriers can be rough so some people talk to an attorney.

    Good luck.