long term disability and ssd... you pay for it, BUT...

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  1. franners

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    Twelve years of paying for LTD policy and numerous years paying into social security and I find out I can't have both.... This coming from my ltd rep.. She said you make sure you notify us if you get approved so we can stop payments after telling me otherwise I would get payments from them till I am 65.. Now, I see something wrong with the fact that I have paid into both services but you can either have one or the other.. I went to my place of employment (sorta haven't worked since Feb) and no one was told this when the insurance rep came in to swindle us out of money.. Do you guys think this is not right??
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    My LTD carrier *requires* that I apply for SSDI since when I'm approved, that means the insurance company can pay me less. You need to look at your policy. Who was the woman who told you that? Your claims analyst? Maybe you should contact a disability attorney.
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    this is the first time I've heard of LTD claims being cut off because your SS was approved! I have heard the opposite, and was told they think "then you must not be disabled". (Actually, the attorney said it depends on the policy--they may just reduce your benefits by the amount you would have gotten from SS.)

    But I think that says it all. The depth of my info on this is from one or two attorneys; I've never talked to anyone else about it. Great, just one more thing to worry about.
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    I think you have been totally misguided. My job reguired me to apply for SSDI before while in process of retirement. You need to look into this matter. Good Luck Reg
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    I agree with the others on this. I am on LTD and was required to apply for both SSDI and disability retirement. If and when they are approved the amounts I receive from them will be reduced from my LTD check.

    You should be able to easily get a copy of your complete plan from your employer, if you don't already have one. I can access mine from the internet, and did so this week to double check on some information I was given.

    Good luck with all this. If it's not one thing it's another, or two or three!

  6. franners

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    I appreciate your input and support.. I spoke with HR just yesterday and they are suppose to speak with a rep from the colonial co. They are so hard to work with anyway let alone get money from them.. I believe my HR person was very concerned since she was just hired a few months ago and was told the same speal from the rep that came in for her..
    I still think you should get 100% of both services since you pay for them both.. Not that I'm greedy, but it's the principal..
  7. elaine_p

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    if getting 100% of both had been the original intent. But then the insurance companies (or whomever) got hold of it and figured out a way to "save money" (increase profits).

    Also, I'd assume that some of this was tied into employee retirement benefits somehow, since this type of insurance is protected by ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act). I wouldn't think this applies much anymore, but back in the day when most people stayed at one job forever it might have.
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    to collect from the policies we have paid for. I remember, a long time ago, when you could do just that. If you had a private disability policy, SSD, and a company sponsored disability program you could collect off all of them. It didn't make any difference what your total disability income was.

    I recently got approved for LTD & SSD. My LTD policy states that I can not receive more than 60% of my gross wages. So, because I started getting SSD then LTD got to cut my disability pay by a huge chunk. It doesn't seem fair that the big money making insurance companies are the ones who benefit when we finally get approved by SSD.

  9. elaine_p

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    Cripes, I was right. I think I kinda hoped I was being sorta paranoid or something....

    Anyway, I'm not sure exactly what roles the insurance companies play in our disability claim. I was finally awarded my claim (and 2 years back pay) in December 1999. When January roled around I got a W-2 from *both* the insurance company and my employer for the same amount. In getting that mess straightened out I had to talk to the employer, and I got the impression that *they're* the ones who are really forking out the money each month. The insurance company just administers the claim.