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    I've posted before of my problems with Unum. They are going to stop my payments after 24 months because they consider CFS/FM self-reporting. The reason they have paid me to began with is because of cognitive issues. Now they want to say that falls under their 24 month mental illness clause.

    Due to my cogitive problems and lack of knowledge of using the board correctly, I lost my post and did not respond to some people that gave me good info. I'm sorry but I've just found some of those old post. I also found where others are having similar problems.

    I was hoping that any one that has had problems & that they have been resolved or anyone else doing battle with the LTD insurance companies would reply to this post. My hopes are to gather information to help all of us to get the funds that we paid for & deserve. After reading someone's response to one of my previous "lost" post,I have hired an ERISA attorney but just wanted to see if we all put our exeperiences together, we could help each other or at least have emptahy for the other.

    I know that I should go to the doctor for every ailment to document the problems but I am so ill that it drains me so much to go that I've had to cancel several appointments and the ones that I have been to are always the same...Your test are fine. I was sure the muscle conduction & nerve condution test would show problems but they didn't. I still don't having feeling in my hands and am awaken at night because of total numbness and am still dropping so many things and don't know it sometimes. I guess there will be another test.

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