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    Any input on Long Term Disability??? I have had fibro and Myofascial pain syndrome. My question is, can I get long term disability with having this already or will I be denied the application? I have never had LTD with my employer, however have been thinking about picking it up. Is there a waiting period before you can use it? Is there certain "pre-existing conditions" on the list? The thing I question is if they do not ask if I have Fibro do I have to tell them I do? Considering the fact that everyone argues this condition in the first place, will they consider it a disability when it comes time to file? Or is it the same criteria that SS requires? Will I even be eligible to get it the policy in the first place?
    If I were to go out on LTD can I also get my SS disability as well? Anyone who can shed some light on this, that would be great.
    Thanks a bunch,
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    I was sort of lucky in the fact that my employer paid for a LTD policy for all of their employees out of their pocket and not out of ours as one of their benefits to us. I did have to pay income taxes on these monthly payments which might be different if you fully pay for the policy yourself. I would check into that before you buy a LTD policy. I was able to draw from it for as long as the policy would cover me. Of course, this policy anyway, had some exclusions, and one of them was fibromyalgia. They would only pay for so many months if your diagnosis was fibromyalgia. Be sure to check if fibromyalgia would be covered before you buy a policy. Also, when I did get my Soc. Disability, and I was awarded some back months of pay, I had to return most of it to the LTD insurance co. because they would only pay up to a certain percentage of what my normal regular wages were after they included what I had received from the Soc. Sec. income. All in all it helped me out a little bit because I was at least getting paid a little something while I went through the almost 2 years of fighting for Soc. Sec. disability. I did however, have a 6 month waiting period before their monthly payments started. They also insisted on actually more paperwork every so many weeks from both myself and my doctor(s) than Soc. Sec. did. That was no picnic. My poor doctor was an angel about all of it, but I could tell that his patience was getting pretty thin with so many forms to fill out so often.

    In your case I don't know if you can purchase a LTD policy on your own that wouldn't have any pre-existing conditions listed or not. That would be another thing to check out before you buy. Just make sure fibromyalgia would be covered and for how long of a coverage term if it is. You may find that the cost and exclusions wouldn't be worth buying a LTD policy. Like everything else these days, be sure to read the fine print and also between the lines before you sign up for a policy. Best of luck to you. I don't mean to sound so down on your idea of getting a LTD ins. policy because it could prove beneficial to you in the long run. I can only suggest you read the policy thoroughly because each company might be different, and ask all of the same questions that you did above to the representative before you make any decisions to purchase a policy. Shop around for a policy. You may find one that would be just exactly what you need for a little extra income. Love and hugs to you, Brenda in IL
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    I am a little confused by your post.

    Does your employer offer LTD and you have to add it, as you didn't carry it in the past? Every policy is written differently, but some exclude pre-existing conditions for a period of time, and then cover it.

    I had LTD with my employer, and would not have been covered, but I had a very serious fall and injured my neck, pelvis, and lumbar spine. With the FM, I could not recover.

    I draw that, but it is taxable, I have a small personal policy which is not taxable, because I had it and paid the premium, and I receive SSDI. The employer plan has a coordination of benefits clause and I loose a certain amount becuase of the SSDI, but it is not dollar for dollar.

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    My employer provides LTD. I had knee replacement was on STD for 6 months and then applied for LTD. My rheumy will not put you in for disability with FMS, she states the medical states it is better to keep working( she is crazy and I am looking for another dr). Well I applied for the LTD and they required to apply for SS also. I was approved but with FMS you can get the LTD for 2 yrs if you are unable to do your job. After 2 years they change the qualifications to you must be unable to do ANY job. My case manager said I could be an elevator person(doesnt matter that dont have elevator operators anymore) or he said I could sell pencils on the street corner. So I Was afraid to lose my job and go on benefits and they only last 2 years. I regret it most days but I also am sole support of myself and 2 kids so SS benefits of $700 a month would not do it.
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    When you buy a long term policy for disability, that will underwrite the policy and check MIB ( medical info bureau), this is an agency that collects info from medical, life, hospitals and doctors ( if the hosp and dr are members)..Then if you pass underwriting and file a claim to quickly that will put a red flag up for the claims examiner to check out to see if you knew about the diagnoses. Some policy had exclusions or a waiting period. As for taxes if your employer pays for the policy it is taxable income, if you pay for the policy it is generally not taxable. They will have you apply for SSI if disability is expected to last more than a year..They will pay you while you await for benefits but then will expect you to pay back benefits when you get awarded if ssi backdates you ssi. They have you generally sign a lien letter.
    So for example LTD pays you 1500.00 monthly and SSi pays you 1000.00 - you be required to pay back the $1000.00. Most policy coordinate benefits with SSI so once approved you will continue to get 500.00 from LTD policy. (usually to age 65)
    I have underwritten policies and paid LTD claims. Generally, if a dr considers you disable - we did not deny the claim, but I have had to do quite alot of investigations - where we have sent out private investgators. Also watch the plan language for same occupation or any occupation..( in regards to work)
    Hope this helps
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    Wow....Lots to think about. That's exactly the kind of answers I was looking for. I wanted to make sure before I go and waste money buying a policy, if Fibro was considered an "exclusion". So in short, you do not get both LTD and SSDI at their full value? They team up and give you a percentage?

    Thanks for all your input.
    Any websites I can go to to get additional info?