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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by alec, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. alec

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    Has anyone used Transfer Factor long term? I was on Transfer Factor C for about 15 months, then used only 5 days a month for the last several months. Have noticed the last two months, that I have reaction to taking the 5 days of TF. Is this a sign I need to go back full time? I thought after taking the TF for so long, I had things under control. Any advise?

    Mrs. Alec
  2. spacee

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    The company that makes Immune Transfer C says that after three months that IMC retrains your immune system and you only need to take a few capsules every few months.

    Dr. Ryser says that most of her patients that that transfer factor and go off of them, relapse in a few months.

    I have been on IMC for a year and I don't feel that my immune system has been retrained even though I feel alot better.

    I was wondering...how do you feel in general. Still improved? The reaction sounds like you do need something to me but I am not a doc.

    I do know that when Dr. Sujay on the CFS/FM messageboard went off tranfer factor (hers was a different one) that she kept colostrum lozenges on hand to give her a boost.

    I don't remember where you get the lozenges but it is online. You could do a google search with colostrum lozenge and find it.

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    Spacee--you asked how I feel. I am better than when I started the TFC, of course that is relative in that I'm better than I was at my worst, but not well enough to say I'm in anykind of remission. I was also taking Famvir along with some other supplements while using the TFC and stopped TFC and Famir on a daily basis about the same time. I'll check out the lozenges, thanks for the info. I also recently tried to take Nystatin and it totally wiped me out, so I'm off that for now. It would seem that there's still something lurking within. I do think the transfer factor helped, but the cost of it was beginning to be a burden.

    Mrs. Alec
  4. Mikie

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    I think it's counterproductive to take Famvir when on the TF's. If the Famvir kills the viruses in the TF, it will not cause an immune reaction. I have gone off the Doxycycline and Famvir while on the TF. I have also quit using my zapper.

    Love, Mikie

    ANNXYZ New Member

    and are by Alt-Med (1 800 876 7722). They are called Prime Colostrum .

    You might try a taking the TF on an every other day basis.

    If you take the Immunity Today product , the dose is divided any way and might be easier . With 90 caps you could go to eventually one every other day. Just a thought.