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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by belly_acres, Apr 11, 2006.

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    Well my nerves are a wreck but I will manage. I leave tomorrow for my derm appt on Thurs. An 8 hour drive - thank goodness hubby does the highway portion - he's a country boy and doesn't like city driving so that's all I have to deal with. I want to thank you all for answering my earlier post on being stressed out. I have done some meditating on it and have calmed down considerably. What will be will be.

    Just a quick question for you all - do any of you believe that our loved ones who have passed on can communicate with us ie: dreams etc?

    Just curious - I know what I believe and will explain later!

  2. RockiAZ

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    Hi Cori,

    I understand about your trip as car rides are so hard on me too. Hope you hang in there and good luck!

    As far as communicating with the passing? Yes, I believe as I have - a few times, but not in my dreams. Once was when my Papa, who I was very close with, had passed away on my birthday and he came to say good-bye (more to this, but made it short to the point). Another time I seen my ex-brother in-law...too long of a story to go into that one now as I'm ready for bed - I think.

    Curious as to what you have to tell us.

    Live, Laugh, Love,
  3. Tmprincess

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    Lots of us traveling this weekend... I will be traveling south this week to visit family. It is a 12 hr. trip from here one way... so, i feel your pain :)

    Remember to stop and stretch often!!! I bought an AC adapter for my Heating Pad at Target, and one of those neck pillows! This has helped me on shorter 2-3 hr trips, so i'm hoping this will be my saving grace!

    My thoughts will be with you! Drive safe!

  4. 69mach1

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    or is it they way canada has things set up there....?

    i just don't think i would be going to a dermatology appt unless my skin had acne badly...or something really serious...that is me...it would nearly kill me to do that in a car ride all at once...

    i would have to have a couple of nights to rest when i got there...then i would dread the ride back...

    try to see if they can call in your medication for your problem....

    i hope this isn't anything serious for you...skin cancer...i have had some family memebers with it and a couple of friends and they have all did just fine...

  5. belly_acres

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    I'm back home. My appt was my first cancer check with the derm. I'm a stage one superficial spreading melanoma patient and luckily in remission - according to the doc. I will have to make this trip once every 4 months for check ups for the next two years. I have family there so they are learning how to cope with me and my pain and provide very comfortable settings, so it is comforting and comfortable for my family and me.

    The stress of the drive is hard and I had an allergic reaction to the chlorine in the water in the city so was on anti-histimines the whole trip. I did make one huge error in judgement though and played tug o war with my brothers siberian husky. Totally played me out!

    About the dreams and communications with the other side. My Mom passed away when I was 7 wks pregnant with my twins - we found out the day before her funeral about the twins. One of the last things she said to me was that she would do everything in her power to make sure I had daughters. She was right and they were born on the 7th month anniversary of her death at the exact time she died.

    When we were getting ready to leave the hospital we had no name for the first twin. My hubbie was taken stuff to our truck and I was alone in the room with the babies - door closed. I was saying to Baby A - what name is going to do you justice - to say who you are and I got a verbal reply that her name s/b Kelsey - heard it out loud all alone in the room - the second time it was said my baby smiled and that's what we call her.

    Anyway 3 days b-4 I was told I had cancer my mom and dad both came to me in a dream. They told me that I was going to get some bad news and would have to travel down a long road b-4 it got better - but ultimately everything would be okay. Now I had no suspicsions of cancer as 2 doctors assured me that it would come back negative for cancer. When they did tell me I was really okay with it cause of my dream - sounds almost to good to be true but I trust that they are still so close to me - in fact I really felt their prescence at the dr's. Just some weird stuff happened in there that I know were things my dad would do!

    Have a great Easter and be safe!


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