Looked at labs from my old doc

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    Culture indiacted- yes
    bacteria- 1+
    epithelial cells- few
    leukocyte esterase- moderate

    Just looked at this old labs from a doc I fired.

    I read somewhere that they say they can't tell from labs we have FM, but that they're wrong. Like with acidic blood, etc.

    Does anyone know lab results? You're not supposed to have bacteria, culture, etc. I got that here, though. Some bacteria is commonly "normal, but if there are more "abnormalities" it should have been looked at, or am I plain wrong?

    Doesn't theses results look like UTI?

    Sorry, tired and fibrofoggy!
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    This is one reason that I get copies of ALL labs done on me. I actually keep charts of them. I started doing this a few years ago b/c I learned that many diseases cannot be dxed by ONE lab, but are usually caught by watching TRENDS in labs.

    My mom has an autoimmune liver disease. All liver tests have been normal, always. But watching how the enzymes changed in relationship to each other over a period of over 5 years is how they found the dx. And hte correct treatment is helping greatly. NOT curing, but helping.

    More can be told from how labs change over time than from one single lab test. It is a good idea to track down your old labs and try to go over them.

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    It depends why they did the UA? Were you having any issues with your bladder?

    It looks like a culture that not a clean catch urinalysis.
    Meaning they did not have you clean with 2 wipes in a particular way to make sure you do not get any outside bacteria from your vaginal area.

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    Oh, it was part of a complete blood test CBC, they did urinalysis as well. I wiped clean as directed.

    Susie, this is what I figured too, to keep track on those labs over time. I am not good at urinalysis, and thought someone might know what those values could mean.

    Looking back, this doc. was a double fumble bum.