Looking back on your life, dealing with all of what we go thru....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunflowergirl, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. sunflowergirl

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    Can you say, like me, that even though we suffer we have learned compassion for others? I've heard that God never gives us more than we can bear, and that suffering makes us stronger. Sometimes I get so down, but I remind myself that God can take this all away but I have all of this for a reason and I have to look for those reasons.

    Do you have something to add to this?
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    I agree that through our own trials with these illnesses or any other tramatic life event, we learn compassion.

    I've always been empathetic, but before being this ill, the world looked black and white to me, right and wrong, with not too much in between. This illness has taught me the world is actually more gray, less definite, than black and white, definite.

    Thinking on a deeper level and allowing for all the possibilities that people may be dealing with, or have been through, makes life more dimensional and real. It brings less judgement out of us and brings forth compassion.

    I think that as you get older most would learn this anyhow just from the experience of living, but being cut down in your 20's & 30's by monsters like serious chronic illness brings the lessons sooner.

    I am happy for all the things I have learned. I wish I never had lost my health, but since I did, I am glad I got the treasure of some real insight into what is important in life. Compassion is definitely one of those things.

    As for the saying "God will not give you more than you can bear." that is actually a misquote from bible at 1 Corinthians 10:13, someone made long ago and which has been repeated for many years due to the original mistake.

    What the bible actually says is "God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, but along with the temptation he will make the way out in order for you to be able to endure it."

    The bible does not say God "causes" or "gives" us trials. As a matter of fact in in the book of James 1:13 it says: "When under trail, let no one say: "I am being tried by God." For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone.

    It may seem a small thing but one misquote changes the entire meaning and makes us think God gives us trials to test us when the one who puts trials in front of us is someone else or even ourselves sometimes but then God helps us to endure it.
  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    he allows these things to happen in our lives. As with Job.

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