looking for a doctor in the dallas/fortworth area

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    hi! my mom has been diagnosed with fibro, and is wanting to change doctors, she thinks that i am starting to have the same symptoms. so i guess you could say we are both looking for a good fibro doctor in the dallas/fortworth area. we actually live in alvarado. but are willing to drive for the right doctor. if you have any ideas...please write back! thanks so much in advance!!

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    Trinity Holistic Family Medicine
    6431 SouthWest Blvd.
    Fort Worth, TX 76132

    The new Physician's Assistant: Melanie is also great.

    They discovered my viral based CFS and the Nutritionalist gave me clues about metal toxicity. Later a hair analysis found high levels of Lead, Arsenic, Antimony and Cadmium.

    Also, Dr. William Wong is a N.D. in Mineral Wells. He is also a FM patient. Dr. Wong is a leading researcher in Systemic Enzymes, like Vitalzym.

    "Forbearance" is having great success with the systemic enzyme, Virastop.