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  1. Fibrostill

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    Hello, I am new at this. I am suffering with fibro pain for the last three years and am looking for a good Rhemutologist who is associated with a pain management clinic for fibro in the Toronto area. Has anyone had any good experiences who can share? I would really appreciate. I wonder if there is a life after the Fibro which has been a result of a MVA. I have tried lots of different medications but the side effects have been terrible. Any help in this area would be helpful.
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    Hi, welcome to our world. Glad you have decided to join us.

    I can only recommend the 'Doctor Referral' link at the top of this page, or you can call; FM Network at; 1-800-853-2929 for a referral in your area.

    I also have FM, and am very allergic to most meds, so I am taking the supplement route for help!

    The weekends/holidays are always slow on the boards, so please keep your post bumped up so that others will see it and reply to you.

    Again, welcome to the board, and do hope we hear from you often..........

    Shalom, Shirl
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    ...I'm just west of T.O and I would love to find someone who accepts this DD as something other than a mental disorder. I went to 2 rheumys and finally got a diagnosis, but they couldn't wait to get me out the door after they had thrown a couple of scripts at me. Even my G.p tries to change the subject when I mention the Fibro. But that aside, welcome to the board, you will find a wealth of info from these well informed, intelligent people. God bless them.
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    and I wish you luck on finding a good doctor to treat FMS in Toronto. However, there are some places you can turn to for some more infos. I am sure the ME Ontario Website will be mentioning also Fibrowebsites in Ontario.
    Also, really our government should be able to help us more in at least providing a list of doctors who treat this and other related illnesses since it is a recognized illness in Canada.
    There are quite a few Canadians on this board, all with the same complaint and not being cared for properly. I personally do not believe that a rheumy is the right doctor for this illness, since I do not know if they see the connection that FMS and CFS and the associated pain are related to seretonin imbalances. Therefore, my own doctor would have never given me a referral to a rheumy because they are known not to be of great help.
    The Co-Cure List has a few doctors listed in Ontario, but this list should have been updated long ago.
    I wish you luck and hopefully you find a doctor who at least believes that you are ill and that 'it is not all in your head', and also that you will not accept a statement like this.
    Kind regards, Lucky
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    Just wondering, because I once saw a doctor Reynolds, and if the people want to look up this doctor, might be important to have correct spelling. but, maybe I am remembering it wrong?

    The Dr. REynolds I saw seemed nice, but said at the time, I didn't have FM. My points were tender, but I didn't hit the roof which he says I would have if FM.

    I have CFS.

    good luck and if anyone finds a great CFS doc in Toronto, LET ME KNOW!!

    Dr. Rona is out for me, I'm not willing to spend over $400 in testing.

    Jen F
  6. lucky

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    at Women's College Hospital is a good place to get diagnosed for FMS and CFS and also get good infos. It was worthwhile for me years ago to make an appointment with them, to be told the 4th time around that I have CFS, if nothing else you get a very good proper check-up and they know what they are doing. I also got a diagnosis at McMaster's University in Hamilton many years ago, and as far as I remember they run a fibro clinic. Worthwhile looking into it as well. I am sure if some of you could find a good and knowlegeable GP it would help you an awful lot.
    Good luck and keep on looking.....best wishes Lucky

    P.S. and start complaining to our Health Minister about the non-existant care we all are getting. I was in a little flare for some time, but I am starting again to bombard them with my e-mails, provincially and federally.
  7. Jen F

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    Glad you are sending those emails.

    I think the docs need to be taught better at med schools. I think that is one of the roots of the problem.

  8. lucky

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    Since I am one of the few ones who is getting more or less proper care, I am doing this for many others who are not so lucky and also because I believe as you do that it is a political thing to completely ignore us.
    By the way, years ago I complained to my MPP here in Mississauga South and she was the one who directed me to the Environmental Health Clinic when it just opened. Dr. Bested apparently is practicing in that clinic now for some time. But I have no intention of seeing her or Dr. Rona, I went the natural routes years ago without success and learned a lot on the way.
    Take care and best wishes, Lucky
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