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    I need to know if anyone knows of a good doc in south Mississippi or southeast Louisana that will treat CFS. All the docs I have seen so far tell me that I have CFS, but offer little in the way of treatment. They tell me to take Effexor and learn to live with it...they tell me that it may just go away. Sometimes they will give me Ambien CR for sleep which works okay. I take no pain meds at all. Nonthing they have done has helped me at all and I struggle to make it to work and I am scared I will loose my job. Yesterday I took a 5mg Lortab that my wife had and it really helped me to the point that I could do my job and concentrate fairly well. Now, I dont know what to do. None of the docs I have seen would prescribe Lortab for me...I dont think. So, I guess my question is, after reading a lot of you all's posts it seems most of you take some kind of pain meds...where do you get them? How did you find a doc that would prescibe them. When I did mention pain medication to one doc he looked at me like I was crazy. He said that if accute pain and not for long term use... I dont know what to do. I just need something to look forward to...like feeling semi-mormal again and a couple of pain pills a day would do that I cant imagine why a doctor would not at least consider that as an option.

    Your thoughts

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