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  1. herbqueen

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    Looking for a good pillow with good neck support and not too hard-I'm a side sleeper -The memory foam is too smelly for me- I need something scent free or all natural- any recommendations? I think I saw a post for good pillow on amazon, but can't find it.
  2. windblade

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    I laughed so hard at your bedtime routine. Still laughing - huge belly laughs.

    Had to stop reading twice - scrunched up with laughter onto my desk. OMG - that is as funny as a 'Fawlty Towers' episode.

    I'm going to try a wool pillow - from Shepherd's Dream'. Have been slowly replacing my bedding - after hurricane caused mold. Use as much organics as possible for bed. MCS. And wool is mold-proof.

    My pillows don't smell moldy - but we're slowly replacing or cleaning every item we have. I'm still recovering from mold illness, and spending so much time in bed, I think it's wise to keep getting rid of anything that still has possible mold spores.

    So thankful for my husband - he's the one doing most of this titanic task.

    so glad I came upon this thread. What great laughter.

  3. gb66

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    I found a pillow online that is only 2 1/2 inches thick. I like it because I sleep on my side and it doesn't hold my head up too high. If anyone wants to try one, I'll post the website. GB66
  4. ameilie73

    ameilie73 Member

    Stacey for her pole vault into bed! Lol.
    Sunflower, you need a "BEWARE TO ALL PILLOWS: Enter At Your Own Perile!" sign on your front door. :-/ lol.

    I must participate in some sort of gymnastics as my bedcovers always end up on the floor, always the same side to, i must roll one way only.

    Your right about organics windblade, i like a cotton pillow case i cannot have polyester itvmakesvme to hot and itch.

    I just keep picturing the depth of your bed stacey, ive seen beds like that in the shop that id have to climb on, but its the getting off that would frighten me.

    As for the cat taken up the bed space, lol. Ive been in that position when house and dog sitting. I had two dogs in the bed, Pointers, they were sisters kind of freaked me out a bit because id be in the house turn round and the pair of them sitting their staring at me, it was like them twins of the film The Shining. Then when i went to bed they both got in Milly right next to me with her paw over me, and Molly at the bottom asleep, me with my legs up round my neck, and the other side of the bed completely empty.

    It didnt help that the persons who house it was, had told me it was haunted, now i dont believe that sort of thing, but i tell you this, i did when it got to 11 o'clock at night. What with the cats tapping on the window. It wasnt the best night sleep id ever have.

    Think ive kinda gone off subject however if we are talking organic pillows how about a dog or a cat?

    Take care all


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  5. ameilie73

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    I bought several memory foam pillows and i couldnt get on with them, to hard no matter how soft and i didnt like the smell either.Personally, when it comes to pillows i think its best to go to the shop and rest your head on the display ones. Its funny you brought this up because my friend and i had a funny discussion about all the different pillows out there. We both bought the air type ones and as soon as you rest your head on them they go flat and bulge up at the side. She has a goose feather which are suppose to be the best although that would be no good for my asthma and allergies.

    I have a number of pillows, a triangle one, a normal one, and one i made filled with sponge pieces that i can manipulate to suit me, if i want to lay on my side i bunch it up, if on my back i smooth it out. So id actually get someone to take me to the shops if i couldnt get out, or make my own. You cant go by written recommendations, i bought a pillow that was recommended as a back sleep pillow but it was to full to use it for that, thats because we are all different sizes a large man might suit it but a small female would find it more of a side sleeping piloow and would be better off with one recommended for front sleeping although using it as a back sleeper. Ahhhh the world of pillows, nealy as simple as the world of mattresses or of tog duvets lol.

    I hope you find what your looking for.

  6. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Sleeping with the right pillow has become all consuming with me these past couple of weeks.

    Someone recommended an ergonometically correct support pillow called therapeutica....I spent $75 and have not rested my head more than 5 min. Since pillows are NOT returnable by the 3rd try I took out my electric knife and started carving it down. Three sessions with the knife and then scissors and I still don't like the hard foam. With what I cut out I made my own small pillow. Still don't like the hard foam, although I can't smell anything.

    I've got a variety of soft, firm, large and small pillows which I have made.

    I'm seeing a PT for neck traction and talked to him about this. He said I just had to keep searching for the right feel of a pillow since we're all different.
  7. ameilie73

    ameilie73 Member

    Picturing you with your electric knife and scissors. It does drive you to that though, when you cannot cannot sleep and your necks killing you.. Lol, you took "Beating your pillow" to a whole new Level, what a star. Gosh, that is alot of money for a pillow though, you'd think it would be the ferrari of all pillows.

    I hope the neck traction helps, i had an osteopath crack mine although it didnt help fibro pain in of itself, it improved my movement.

    No matter how many pillows ive bought i always end up reverting back to the one i made.

    Good luck in your hunting endeavours

  8. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    I got a Chiroflow water pillow from my chiropractor, which worked for awhile. You can adjust the firmness by adding water. Trouble is, water being water, the damn thing is heavy. Next I moved to Tempurpedic. It takes an eternity to "conform" to your body and neck. Then I tried this side sleeper pillow that looked like a candy cane. Even had a hole for your ear! Try and find a pillow case for that! I finally just went to Wal-Mart, got a Simmons firm, "doesn't go flat" squishy pillow. I have all of them lined up on the bed, including a big stuffed teddy bear. I put the squishy pillow on top of the Tempur with the teddy at my back. "Whatever helps you sleep at night!"

    Soft hugs,
  9. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    Anyone try buchwheat? I used to use one years ago- I think it is time to drag it out again and try it- trying to prepare well for surgery with a good pillow /support given the last sugery impacted neckshoulders. Thank you!
  10. ameilie73

    ameilie73 Member

    This has got to be one for the funniest threads i have read. The lengths we go to to get a decent sleep, i can so identify with it. A little glimpse into the night time life of us.

    no one could accuse us of not trying or not being inventive
    Its nice to be amongst your own

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  11. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    it makes the Olympics look like an impromptu tailgate party! LOL God bless people who can just fall into bed! For me, it goes something like this: Feed the cats their wet food, make sure it's not where husband can stomp in it. Test blood sugar, above the line, take a shot, below the line breath a sigh of relief. Take pills. Go to the bathroom. Blow my nose (again!). Plug in phone and Kindle. Find step stool so I can get into bed (husband put 6" of memory foam on the bed, forgetting I am only 5'3" tall. The bed is now higher than my waist). Crawl into bed, glasses in their case, shut out light, grab Kindle, turn light out. Turn light on because I forgot where I put the stylus. There it is, on the floor! Try to grab it, slide out of bed, get back on step stool, vault into bed. Arrange pillows. Start to read. Play solitaire. Lose. Play until I win. Finally get sleepy. Try to arrange the cat. Give up, sleep scrunched up so I won't disturb the cat! And when hubby asks how I slept, I sock him with my teddy bear! LOL!

    Soft hugs,

  12. cathy572x

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    Last week, I bought a potato pillow for my girl as the Children's Day and received it yesterday. It is a super cute potato pillow and my girl likes it very much, so do I. My girl likes playing Plants vs Zombies game all the time and once she said to me that she likes the character of Nut in the Plants vs Zombies game. It always stands in front and hinder the pace of zombies, sacrificing themselves, to gain time, let the sun broke sunflowers and allow the shooter having the timing to ruthlessly attach the zombies. So it deserves to be praised. I am happy that she could learn some from the game.

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  14. emma0001

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