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    Does anyone know of a good specialist for CFS in augusta ga or surrounding areas. I went to see one today and she is trying to pin the CFS on depression. I am far from depressed and i am having a hard time finding someone who will believe what i am telling them I have been dealing with it for 10 yrs. The other thing she said was if i exercise it will give me more energy. NO IT DOESNT! it makes it work if i exercise to much more then I do anyway sorry everyone im aggrivated and venting if anyone knows of a specialist please let me know i would greatly appreciate it

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    bumping for you...

    Even tho I live in Georgia, I can't really recommend anyone to you.

    For myself, I am trying the Marshall Protocol on the theory that I have one or more stealth pathogens, and since I have had reactions (herxheimer effect) I believe I'm on the right path. My son suddenly started to go downhill with all my symptoms of CFIDS plus FM, and he has been dx'd with lyme. (I haven't gotten a test as no insurance.) For a doctor using the MP or a good LLMD, that I can help you with tho.

    Did you click on the 'doctors' link up above? I haven't looked to see what is there for Georgia or S. Carolina... you might also want to put S. Carolina in your title as well.

    There is also a Fibro & Fatigue Center (FFC) in Atlanta, do a search up above in the search box for content & title on what people think of how they're doing going to the Atlanta one, and what the doctor(s) are like... I do know someone who takes her daughter there, but so far (almost a year) they haven't been of much help as they seem to be mostly treating symptoms.

    Wish I could be of more help, sorry!

    all the best,
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