Looking for a pain management doctor in Woodbridge, Va or surrounding areas

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    I'am new here, I was a private duty nurse aid, on and off since high school, which I believe has contributed to my back issues, lifting patients. I have suffered from back pain since the late 90's, and it has got worse! That's when I went to my primary doctor and asked if he could send me for a MRI, The MRI revealed I had DDD, stenosis, bulging discs, I also suffer from RLS, chronic migraines, fibro, CFS, sleep apnea, insomnia, anxiety, depression. I was seeing a pain management doctor in Woodbridge, but he has no bedside manner AT ALL! When I was given a injection and a few days later I end up with MRSA, that kind of did it for me, he doesn't wash his hands, or wear gloves which is gross! He doesn't use a machine, and the injection is $850.00 a pop. If anyone knows of a pain management doctor, please let me know. My quality of life had improved with the medicine I'am on, but the bad people ruin for the people who need pain medicine, I have my MRI'S. My pain is bad to where I can't even get out of the bed some days, I have been on these meds for a few years, but the MRSA and the amount he is charing is ridiculous! If anyone can help, Thanks very much! Much appreciated!