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    hi all.

    who has been tested and treated for adrenal fatigue? did it help or not? please share your story!!!

    it seems to be a MAJOR issue for me (and my brother.) I have been sick for years- main sympt- tiredness. this is the first treatment that is substancialy helping me. same with my brother . his main sympt was depression for 6 years.

    I am just looking for more input on this.

    (also if you want to hear my story about this plese read my post "i can't believe I'm feeling better" and "very important website")

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    I'm not suppose to drink any coffee but I have only one cup of French Market: Chickory + coffee. It makes a strong brew so we use less to make a pot.

    I take 100mg of DHEA every day.

    I also read a fantastic book by Dr. James Wilson:
    Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st-Century Stress Syndrome

    Amazon sells it for ~$10.

    It starts off real easy to read but the last 5 short chapters are at the M.D. level.

    Adrenal fatigue is common in CFIDS ppl since our bodies try very hard to survive.
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    I thought I would write to you on this thread as your other thread is very long.

    The thyroid med I take is T3, 37.5 mcgs. I have Hashimotos (autoimmune thyroid disease), so I NEED to take the T3, even though it can cause weight loss.

    Do you take any throid Rxs?

    I will find out more tangible evidence concerning my adrenals after another saliva test. For now I am treating as per symptoms and toleration.

    I have horrible "speedy" feelings that are very uncomfortable. I take tiny amounts of cortisol and then slowly bump the dosage up.

    I will try glandulars soon and experiment, with the cortisol.

    I am doing the extra vit C (emergenceC) along with B12 SL.

    I am following Teitelebaums protocol for building adrenals. I have read the book 21st Century Stress syndrome, I need to read it again.

    I havent felt the incredible improvement that you are enjoying. However, I did when I first went to the FFC. (7 months ago) I quit taking the cortisol, and my health went down hill.

    I feel I need to start over with the cortisol so that I am stong enough to begin fighting my viral load.

    Was your infectious panel significant for any kind of infections worth treating?

    Ill be back later:)

    Love and light,
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    I could tell by my symptoms, I had adrenal fatigue. The doctors tested the cortisol which was normal (story of my life with all tests) and said there was nothing wrong with my adrenals. I knew by then that doctors are unable to see beyond tests, so I started treating myself for adrenal fatigue. I talked a doctor into giving me some prednisone and that worked for about 2-3 days and then i crashed. Then I tried DHEA and pregnenolone. They worked somewhat, but I was still missing something. Then I tried 2 adrenal support supplements with aminos, vitamins and raw glandulars.

    I had been having a problem with my antidiuretic hormone, I wasn't producing any. And for 6 months I awoke every 2 hours at night dehydrated with a full bladder. That's what exhausted my adrenals. I had been bugging about 4 different doctors for the 6 months and I thought it was pretty obvious that what was happening was very dangerous and I kept feeling like I was going to have a heart attack at night.

    I had to figure it out myself, as usual, and I eventually got a doctor to get me some antidiuretic hormone in an inhaler. That was after I had already mentioned antidiuretic hormone after the first 3 months of "nighttime dehydration hell" and got blown off (also the story of my life with regard to all my so-called life threatening symptoms). And when I finally convinced a doctor to get me the antidiuretic hormone, I also found the adrenal supplement. Between the 2 of them, my adrenals were back to normal pretty quick and I stopped the supp after I had been taking it for about 2 months. I think it may have worked in like a month or so but I kept taking it just in case.

    I started sipping salt water at night in addition to all the water I was drinking before I got the hormone and supplements and it seemed to help somewhat.

    Funny how you can figure out for certain what's wrong with you and you tell the doctor but he can't see it because it doesn't show up on his tests. I even explained about the hpa axis and how it's damaged in cfs patients and how one of the first things to go is the antidiuretic hormone and they still didn't get it. They will say anything to avoid admitting they don't know what the hell you're talking about. What really teed me off was how dangerous my situation had become and I was the only one concerned about it. Anyway, yet another victory for Dr. Google.

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    I'm very interested in this post as I strongly believe my adrenals are responsible for a lot of my symptoms.

    I am going to my Endo on Fri to go over recent tests. But I'm afraid my tests will be normal and the Dr won't help me.

    My DHEA is low (42) and a low alkaline phosphatase. I'm incredibly dry (eyes, mouth, skin). Overwhelmed by fatigue. No temperature control (either freezing or hot!). Muscle cramps all the time. Nauseous. UGH!

    I also have confirmed orthostatic hypotension and MVP.

    I'd like to know if any of you still had normal tests when you started treatment. Did your Dr's treat you or did you treat yourselves?

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    I just read your post about your frustration with finding help. That has been my experience over the past year. I'm completely discouraged!!!

    I'm hardly functioning anymore and still they send me home hopeless.

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    I treat myself for all my cfs symptoms. I believe everyone in American is undernourished and a prime candidate for cfs/fibro. I see you know about nutrition, but have you tried supplementing with nutrients? I know it's better to get them from food but I eat only healthy things, mostly veggies, and I just can't get along without them. I guess my GI system has been damaged to the point I just can't absorb and assimilate nutrients from my food. Free form amino acids have a remarkable effect.

    So you know how to eat but maybe your body just can't use the food. When I load up on nutrients, I can function. I take mitochondria fuel - supplements of nutrients that make ATP and that gives me energy for the day. I take them first thing every morning. I should be able to get some of them from food and my body should be able to make the rest, but that just isn't happening. When I take them all in the morning, I have energy within an hour. I can't believe everybody isn't using the mito fuel. It's like gas for your car, it'll work!

    See the article Heart Disease Secondary to Mitochondrial Malfunction for a rundown of these nutrients and the disaster they can cause when they're low:


    Have you looked at my "quick relief plan of attack for cfs . . " post?

    good luck,

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    I just got this from google.:

    Bone and liver disease increase alkaline phosphatase more than any other disease, up to five times the normal level. Irritable bowel disease, germ cell tumors, and infections involving the liver, such as viral hepatitis and infectious mononucleosis, increase the enzyme also, but to a lesser degree. Healing bones, pregnancy, and normal growth in children also increase levels.

    Did you test high?

    I tested low - twice!

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    Endocrinologists are the last people to help you with adrenal problems, especially low DHEA. They can measure your DHEA, but I've been told by a couple that they _never_ recommend DHEA because it's "DHEA doesn't matter". (I have the main endocrinology textbook, and it says nothing of DHEA either.)

    Of course, an endocrinologist can take your blood and let you know if you're taking too much DHEA, but that's totally different. In that case, they're preventing you from hurting yourself, which is good. It's not helping you with your cfs though.

    When I first got sick, my DHEA was not much lower than yours. Taking 50 mg of DHEA per day (which was not too much based on subjective symptoms and on test results) made me into a totally new person. Much better mood as well as a ton more energy.

    Slowly over time, my adrenals got better and I was able to decrease the DHEA.

    Obviously, you can take DHEA on your own since it is available over the counter. You really should have it measured again once you work your way up to a dose that feels good.

    If you can't find a doctor who will help you, BigMama2's doctor (who does phone consults) conceivably could be a possibility. She certainly seems happy with him.

    Good luck!

    Best, Lisa



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    seems there have been a lot of posts about this subject lately and I have rsponded with my story to a few of them. I don't have the right frame of mind to repeat my story right now, BUT if you look up my user name you can find my posts. I do have some specific advice and reading material that will help you...
    Good luck!
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    i responded to your other post, but i'll say a few things

    I was tested a few years back extensively for adrenal fatigue and other levels of just about everything in my body. I was treated, but even though the Dr. was very helpful, it didn't work out. But i was a bit younger, and eager to stop things if they didn't have immediate success . First off i think he might have went about it the wrong way, and second i dont think i stayed with it long enough. I think the potency, strength and purity of what you take makes a big difference. There's also TONS! of supplements for adrenals, all claiming to do the same thing. Hopefully with some more research, and staying on "my own" protocol, things will work out. Only time will tell. I hope that doesn't dissuade anyone at all, i'm just staying it makes a huge difference how things are gone about and what you take i guess.

    Tests are usually crap, and most Dr.'s too. Its scary how most Dr.s will give you Thyroid or Adrenal Tests and tell you your fine because they give you shoddy tests!! arg! Most of the industry tells you there's a problem when its irreversible unfortunately.

    I have graphs that show cortisol being high at night and low in the beginning of the day. Adrenal fatigue present, and everything else that goes along with that. :(

    FYI.. picked up some MilAdregen b12 and grap seed ^_^ no insurance anymore, so i guess i'll be using home tests when i can afford it.
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    Hi Everyone

    I just came across this site. I have been dealing with pretty severe adrenal issues for the past year (also, had a bit of a problem about 5 yrs ago - but was very mild). I had been tested for EBV,Heavy metals, lyme, hypothyroid,cortisol levels...etc... Basically, EBV came back positive (but dormant), heavy metals were through the roof and my cortisol levels were low (in range but barely). ALL of my hormones were bottoming out ~ testosterone, dhea, pregnenolone, etrogens, thyroid. My first dr. put me armour (which helped a bit) and isocort (an OTC cortisone product) to start with. Unfortunately he retired, finally found another great dr. who basically picked up where he left off. She prescribed hydrocortisone for me, various hormone creams, still on the armour and a slew of other supplements/vitamins. I still have a ways to go but I do feel like a different person from when this all started. I no longer have aches and pains, depression, moodiness..etc. It takes time but there is relief out there..just have to find the right dr. and do lots of self research!!!