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    I know each one of us is so different and has to undertake so many hardships that go along with being ill. Each of us share so many similarities and so many differences. I was officially diagnosed with FMS in Feb. 2009 though my PCP had suspected this last year. My first symptoms that I really noticed were in 2003. Though at the time they just thought it was insomnia. I took every blood test to rule out the normal diseases and even had a bone marrow biopsy to rule out extra forms of cancer before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2005. I was so relieved but I couldn't keep the mask on in my sleep. So I was back to square one. Then one of my doctors gave me Provigil. It does help my sleeping a lot. I've read it is supposed to help with FMS and if it is helping mine then I would hate to see what life would be like without it.

    I recently starting seeing a Rheumatologist. She gave me all of the normal tests and started me on Cymbalta. My PCP had me taking Skelaxin 800mg 3x a day, Soma 325mg 3x per evening/night and tramadol. I have now been on the Cymbalta for 3 months and it isn't doing anything for me yet my DR isn't taking me off of it. She also lowered my Soma to 2x per day expecting the Cymbalta to work. She sent me to a Physical Therapist and I was able to go 2x a week the first two weeks and last week I spent every evening crying in pain. I want to work even if that means I can't have much of a life afterwards. I do have a loving live-in boyfriend that is very understanding. When it is really bad, he looks like he is in just as much pain as I am. I have to work full time to live. In general I can work my 40 hours without too much pain though I do call out a lot more than anyone in my department. I am very blessed that my work is understanding of the situation.

    I called my DR and requested to go back on 3 Soma per day until we find something. She didn't call back. I ended up calling her back about 36 hours later and the nurse said she didn't know anything and would call me back. She finally called back and said I would have to come in again. So after another unexpected dr visit, another co-pay and taking time off of work I finally got my meds back to what they were when I started with her, with the addition of Cymbalta and 1 extra tramadol a day (which the tramadol has never done anything for the pain).

    Now she thinks I need an MRI. I have arthritis in my lower back that she was able to see on an x-ray. I have horrible leg cramps that feel like charley horses, pain in my upper back, lower back, shoulders and neck and on the rarest of occasions in my upper arms. I'm 29 years old. My Physical Therapist says he doesn't think it is FMS. You can feel my muscle spasms and a lot times can see it because it makes me jump.

    My biggest question to all of you out there is how do I approach the discussion of pain medication with my doctor? Should I scrap my doctor and try to find a new one? All of the ones in the good doctor thread aren't on my insurance. I feel so alone here. I just want to work and try to be as pain free as possible.
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    Well, the first thing I would do if I were you is to pursue a Lyme diagnosis. The jumping muscles, the arthritis, the insomnia, I have all that and I'm severely advanced Lyme. So if I were you, I would insist they run every Lyme test possible and keep insisting until someone can tell you either way without doubt if you have Lyme.

    The Cymbalta doesn't work because it's a nut drug. It won't fix your pain. You might want to try Lyrica, though, because from what you are describing, I think it might help you. Lyrica can work on nerve pain.
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    I am so sorry to hear of what you are going through. I can totally relate; I have RA and FM. I have found that most doctors are afraid to prescribe narcotics for the pain we suffer. My rheumy just did not care, so I sought out a Pain Clinic.

    And I am so happy I did. I have been seeing him for about 4 years now and I have somewhat of a life back. I am on Oxycontin and Oxycodone for breakthrough pain. I do still see my Rheumatoligist every 2 months and he prscribes the RA meds, but my pain doc prescribes the pain meds. It is working great for me.

    I would highly recommend you try a pain specialist also. Make sure though, that you get copies of ALL of your medical records to send to the new pain doc.

    I certainly wish you the best and please keep us posted on your outcome.

    Best wishes,

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    Yes, and we are nuts. I was thinking about your post "sick of taking all these pills" the other day when I was swallowing water, I was really upset and then I did not feel so alone when I thought about the people on this site.

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