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  1. Hope4Sofia

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    Should I go to an endocrinologist or a rheumy to test for a possible adrenal prob? What have you had the most success with. My fear is that the endo won't take Fm seriously but will that matter.

  2. Cromwell

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    May be a start. A good internist, one with day clinic, can run a day test on the adrenal gland function. I forget what it is claled, but you have something injected every hour or so, and they measure adrenal funtion. I had this done in Bellingham WA by a good doctor I had there, Think he was called Dr Turk.

    Otherwise, Endocrinologist, but they have to do this same test, I think I was there altohether about 4 or 5 hours.

    Good luck
  3. dancingstar

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    I still say go to an FFC...but between the two, if you want to have the function of your endocrine system tested, I'd think you should go to an endocrinologist.

    Now, having said that, I know a wonderful, amazing, compassionate family practice doctor who treats many patients with fibromyalgia. Her father is a top endocrinologist, apparently world-respected. She has not ever linked the two things together, endocrinology and fibro/cfs. I'm going to meet with her on Monday, and I will mention what I've found out to her, but I say this because the FFC people treat very differently than the entire rest of the medical community...with some exceptions, like Dr. Wilson, apparently, and obviously some others. Anyway, best of luck, Sofi!
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    I'v figured out a lot of the initials for words on this site but I'm still learning.

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    Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center
    Take Care!
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    I've never even heard of that before. I'll look into it.
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    I see an endo as I had thyroid cancer. He knew nothing about fibro. The doctor I saw about my adrenals was a gynecologist who specialised in womens hormones. He looked at my hormones and adrenal function. He put me on DHEA and it did wonders. Also put me on progesterone cream and testosterone cream. I also have a rheumatologist and he never mentioned my adrenal function.