Looking for an identity beyond the disease???

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    Hi All. It has been some time since I have been on here. For two reasons - 1. My Fibro diagnosis remained the same, but I was also diagnosed with a RARE genetic Connective Tissue Disease (which casues severe, wide-spread, body pain SUPRISE, SUPRISE!!!). 2. I have found that I have value with this disease and I am able to make money from home, while raising my children. I am 31, and stayed home with my kids for 6 years. The disease was really getting to me, and 30% energy level was wearing me down. I started to get depressed, and then I fell FLAT into depression!!! I realized what it was - I needed an identity beyond these diseases. I no longer wanted to be the sick person!! I wanted to succeed at something WELL. Problem - could barely get off the couch. But, I found a work at home solution, which has afforded me FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, and a WONDERFUL SENSE OF PURPOSE!!! I Love what I do, and don't get me wrong, I am a wife and a mother first. I just consider my work at home opportunity a big blessing - like God is saying, you are good beyond your diseases - you have value!! I know this is true no matter what, but this business gets my BEHIND out of bed!!! Then, I found a company that supports me in my disease, and even has a support group for those of us with disabilities!! It is wonderful.

    So, I would encourage each and every one of you, who feel empty because of your lack of contributing (and straight boredom), to find a work at home opportunity, with flexibility, financial opportunity, and the ability for you to be successful DESPITE your disease. I am so happy I did it. I am no longer the sick person, I am now the Employees that has a disability, but overcomes it everyday to feel as though I have a sense of purpose (even if it is on the couch!!).

    I know this forum is not for solicitation, but I would love to share MANY legitimate at home opportunities that I am aware of (legitimate is the key work - right? I searched for years!!). If you would like to chat, contact me via email at jja_albertini@hotmail.com

    And, here's to living beyond our diseases!! JodiLA
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    Welcome to the board.

    Since this is a support board, it would be nice if you could share the at home opportunities here.

    Take care.


    I just noticed that you are promoting selling candles etc. You might want to consider the fact that most of us can not tolerate fragrances and they will make us very ill.[This Message was Edited on 08/11/2008]
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    Thank you for your post. I refuse to let these dds define who I am. Long story short, 4 years ago I was on a ventilator not sure if I was going to make it. My son put a couple of pics together in a frame of me before I got sick. It was of me doing my passion and he put a caption that said get well mom the world needs you. Anyways one day I took it to my docs and I said this is who I am not what you see. They all said it was good that I did that because they admitted they don't think of us beyond these dds. Just a thought.
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    Hi, it's Jodi again. I was asked to share some at home opportunities. I hope I am not breaking any rules, but I would love to give you all a chance at a sense of purpose (financially and personally, that is).

    I can talk in great deal about my own business, because I know it the best. But, before I do that, let me point you in a few directions: 31 Gifts (problem - usually need to have parties, but you could do a lot online - love it, as it is Christian based, and has many affordable and adorable products), www.homebusinessfrontiers.com - legitimate work at home opportunities, Tastefully Simple - I have been to a few vendor events, and this product DOES sell well. I am sure you could do much from home (cons- have to stock most items, and company has been around for sometime, so likelihood of making good money is slim to none - unless you are the first consultant in your area, but a good business, none the less). These are about the only ones that I have seen succeed well, but home business frontiers has more to offer on the website. 31 Gifts and Tastefully Simple, I mention, as it seems that these sell well, and could be sold from home (just a guess though, as I have never been involved in these businesses).

    Ok, I sell a product called SCENTSY. It is INCREDIBLE - the candle alternative, as it melts wax in beautiful pottery containers, via a 25watt light bulb to just above room and body temperature. NO RISK of Flame Fire or Injury!! The products are incredible,and they literally sell themselves, which is why I can do it on the couch ;). We sell over 80 scents, and I am so pleased (due to chemical sensitivities), that i am able to ENJOY 8 or more of them - they are actually soothing to me!!! The company is so incredibly supportive, and AMAZING. It is 4 years old, and currently growing at almost 600%. And, Scentsy is not even a household name - YET. I started with this company 9 months ago. I have afford to make an incredible income, all while coping with my pain and disease. I attribute this to the fact that I can control my own hours, work MOSTLY from home, and sell the products beyond the typical home party business. I have found a way to market these with only about 5 or less hours a week outside of the house (during my good times) and remain between #1 and #9 in the ENTIRE Company in SALES. I have a colleague who has a severe form of narcolepsy (sp?), and she NEVER leaves her house, and has found GREAT success - mostly internet based.

    My origional post was intended to encourage, but if you would like to learn more about contacts for the other businesses that I mentioned or SCENTSY - just shoot me an email!! jja_albertini@hotmail.com and website is www.scentsy.com/jodialbertini Here's to living BEYOND! JodiA
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    In response to the previous email, I am not supporting selling candles (although I have Chemical Sensitivities, which also make me VERY sick, but I can tolerate 8 of the 80 scents, and I find them very soothing, as many are natural in their origin). And, these are not Candles.

    But, the point is not here nor there, because what I am promoting is finding an identity outside of being the "sick" person. Finding my nitch in life, and being able to work, and contribute to the family, is what brought me out of severe depression after 10 years of living like a hostage in my home. I would like to encourage everyone to find something that gives them a sense of value beyond their disease. This may be a job, a hobby, or volunteering in some way. It is good for the mind and the spirit. I LOVE that I am no longer the sick person. I am just doing what I love, while coping with a few diseases. Just puts it into better perspective for me & changes the way I think about my conditions!!! And the cool thing - when I am doing what I love, I sometimes even forget that I am sick :)

    Sincerely - JodiLA
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    means for me writing fiction.

    I was always 'good with words' but I had to re-learn a lot - basic grammar rules, for one - before I could write a short story good enough to get published. Fortunately, poking slowly through a how-to book is quite compatible with laying in my recliner for days on end.

    Despite the 'expert advice' to 'write what you know', I didn't write about being sick. I wrote about lives I would prefer to be living (action and private investigation) and characters I wanted to be like (physically up to the challenges of life, able to leap up staircases in pursuit of suspects, and so on).

    This hasn't cured my illness, but it gave me escape from it whenever I could retreat into my 'story world'.

    Now, 18 years after my first short story was published (and only a handful of other stories out during those years, because my brain had to be working in order to edit them and submit them properly), I have learned enough to write a novel good enough to be under serious consideration at a reputable publisher. I never would have finished that novel, much less had time to lay around re-reading and polishing it, if I hadn't been sick enough to stay home and give up housework.

    I may be 'the sick person' but I am also a published author. And that's the part I emphasize when I go to my husband's work parties (even though people always ask first about the wheelchair or the portable oxygen concentrator).

    Everybody is good at something. It doesn't have to make you famous, or make you money, but it does give you an identity beyond the disease.
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    Hi JodiLA,

    Just a quick note to mention that posting private e-mail addresses are against the rules here. They're pretty strict about it.

    Apparently, people can meet in the chat room and exchange e-mails and personal information there.

    I agree with you that it's important to not identify with our health circumstances. You're fortunate to have found something that works well for you.

    Regards, Wayne
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    Thanks for the heads up on the Email addresses. Sorry to anyone for any offense!!!

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