Looking for any ideas on supps for Afib and blood thinning ?

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    Jam, or any other person knowledgeable on supps helpful to the heart. Any idea for a friend of mine who got a shock after trying to fills some meds after her hospital visit?? The drugs were out of sight ON INSURANCE,one was $250 I think a month. I would hate to see them not on insurance. I mentioned Mag. to her and Co Q 1o to her some time ago and of course her doc said no. So what if it kills your liver?? I know other patients with heart problems who also take supplements. I am guessing some of the docs just don't want their patients to be on them for whatever reason. The drugs she was on must have been really new they were so high in cost.

    Some docs don't about the supps or just don't want them to be on them . They would rather you take something not good for your liver. That is not healthy either, esp. when on lots of other meds. I know the Mag. has helped my b/p even though I am still on the drugs too. Just to high !!

    Hope this isn't the second one of these I have written. Not sure the other went through or not. If so please forgive the almost duplicate.

    Thanks so much in advance !

    Granni :)
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    Thanks Jam. I know how good GSE is for you but did not know it was also a blood thinner, but wouldn't take it also with a blood thinner. Thanks for clarifying. Will see if I can find out anything else.

    I still cannot believe the prices of some of these drugs . Hope I don't need anything like that. Right now I am on generics and supps. Hope I stay that way. Wish I didn't have to be on any drugs but sometimes:confused: we have no choice, and sometimes we do.

    Granni :)
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    Thanks so much Nanie46 for these articles !!

    I know this is not " medical advice" but it bugs me that more docs don't mention supplements especially when there are a lot of side effects to the meds and also the prices for some of them are out of sight. I will check them out later and pass the info on. The few things I have already passed on to her sometime ago that she mentioned to the doc he didn't want her to take - like Magnesium and I think CoQ10.

    Hope you are feeling OK or not to badly. I appreciate your taking the time to send this on to me very much.
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    You're welcome, Granni!

    I understand. Many Dr's know very little about the benefit of supplements. They might think supplements are unsafe because they are not approved by the FDA like prescription drugs, despite the fact that many prescription drugs have very scary warnings that come with them.

    Certainly we must be our own best advocates. Perhaps your friend can print out some info/articles and discuss them with her Dr.
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    Jamin, I can't remember did you post information for scent therapy in the past?
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    Hi Jam, Nanie et al,

    My friend already is already on one new drug I forget if it is the blood thinner or the afib med. I think it might be the blood thinner. The doc was going to see how she does without an a fib med for awhile. She has had so many bad reactions to the drugs. Oh, I understand. I have been very lucky myself that I have not really had any bad reactions to drugs.

    Hope she does OK without anything. I guess so far so good. She greatly appreciated the info I gave her and may ask the doc about some of them. Oh, I know that most docs don't know much about natural therapies and many don't want to. However, some do. I have had docs that are OK and even somewhat helpful with it.

    Hugz to you all,
    Granni :)