Looking for CFS Doctor in Bemidji Minnesota area

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JayMachell, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. JayMachell

    JayMachell New Member

    Does anyone know of a doctor that works with CFS or Fibro patients in the Bemidji Minnesota area? The only doctor I found is 300 miles away and he doesn't treat patients, he only diagnoses. I was hoping to find a doctor that would give me all the test, to find out if I really have CFS or something else.
    Any assistance or advise would be greatly appreciated.
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Last time I was in Bemidji was about 43 years ago.

    Even here in Los Angeles I don't know any specialists in our problems. Hope you can find somebody.

    Ha det bra
  3. limbo

    limbo Member

    I would recommend Dr. Scott Turner in Fargo ND. I'm doing homeopathic with great sucess, and I've heard there is on in Walker MN but no other info on him. Have you gone online with NFA, I think they have a link
  4. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member


    I have had very little (none)luck with Dr. in Bemidji, alot won't recognize it, and the one that did diagnose me, offered my little, "go home and live with it".

    He knew nothing about it. I went to a rhuematoligist there, and i came away very upset!

    He said i didn't have enough points for Fibro, just mildy had it, wish he could live in my body! Didn't believe in CFS, and undiagnosed me for that.

    Said lymes was impossible, i was tired because i was a mom, right since when dose being a mom make peoples sick??

    Wanted to fill me up with drugs, without taking a single test!

    I thought "ARE YOU CRAZY!!!" Chargeed me $200.00 for this visit, and had left me sitting in waiting room for two hours besides!

    Wasn't a good experience!

    I have heard that their is a good Dr. in Winona MN, called Dr. Vrotch (sp) I can find the exact name if your interested.

    Are you in Bemidji? I'm close
  5. JayMachell

    JayMachell New Member

    THANKS to everyone that posted a reply. I'm new so not sure how this works.
    rockgor: It's a small world after all. Didn't think someone living in LA would even know Bemidji existed. Thank you

    prickles: Thank you, I will check out the rheumatologist in the area.

    limbo: I have heard of the doctor in Walker. Heard he was also a Chiropracter. I do know Dr Turner. I will post some info on him, please feel free to add to it. Thanks again

    morningsonshine: I would like to communicate with you privately, not sure how we do that though. Maybe we can help each other. Yes I do live in the Bemiji area. You may know my daughter, she is your age and also into horses.
  6. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Well, it can be tricky, i've met in the chat room with a person before, and exchanged email.

    Or we could come up with something else?

  7. forfink

    forfink New Member

    Just emailed my sister who has lived in Bemidji for 25 years, will see if she can help find a doctor for you. Good luck and good health to you!
  8. JayMachell

    JayMachell New Member

    Set a time & I'll meet you in the chat room.
  9. JayMachell

    JayMachell New Member

    Thank you, that would be great
  10. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Hello, again,
    I'm supper, supper tired this weekend, can we try Monday??

    In the lobby room at 9:eek:o? Unless you work??

    Thanks misty
  11. JayMachell

    JayMachell New Member

    Sounds good, Not sure if I know where the lobby is, but I'll find it.
  12. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    It was fun talking to you on the phone, and getting to know you, i hope you come back here and find more help.

    ilovepink4, your not alone up here in the Northland!

  13. wish_to_be_healthy

    wish_to_be_healthy New Member


    Does the U of MN have any clinics up in your area? I believe they do in the Iron Range and Duluth.

    I used to go to a Dr. Jean Eckerly who I believe is now up in Pequot Lakes or Nisswa? She retired last year, but maybe she knows of some good ones up there...Her practice did Chelation theraphy, and I used to get Magneseum IVs' from her many yrs ago.

    Take Care,

    Suz (from Mpls)
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I used to live in Walker. (I put up a post about this a few days ago, but it seems to have evaporated.) Grew up in Harmony, MN (near Winona and Rochester).

    Went to college in St. Paul. Worked for Hennepin County.

    Was back to Rochester for a family reunion last July. Funny how old everybody's gotten.

    I've lived in Calif. almost 40 years now. To sum it all up in one sentence: Calif has nicer weather, but Minn has nicer people.

    Hope you finally find a good doctor. Yeah, you betcha.
  15. limbo

    limbo Member

    First why do I get edit or delete when I reply? Have you tried homeopathic with Dr. Turner? I am so much better, I don't understand why more don't try homeopathic. I was really at the end of my rope when I started, I finished one group of meds and just started with three others. I have to go real slow and I went off like for a w/e and recently moved, so didn't start again until settled. Now it is for ibs and virus from a flu shot, mold, and cell nutrition. When I am off, I feel so good, and can do so much more, I don't know myself. Really!
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Everyone gets "edit/delete" by the message. Thru the magic of electronics, you can only see it on your post.

    Click on edit if you want to make a change in your post.

    Click on delete if you want it erased.
  17. kholmes

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    I'm also from Minnesota originally (South St. Paul and Inver Grove Heights) but live in New Mexico now.

    Good luck. I hope you can find a good physician up north.