Looking for CFS ppl and some of there Carers!

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    Hello everyone, my name is Belinda and I live in Victoria Australia. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for well over 15 years now.

    My good CFS friend and I are hoping to collect Tips and ways to cope better with CFS from other CFS ppl from around Australia, even the world. So far we have had people respond from the UK, USA, and Asia which is wonderful.

    Unlike most books we are not wanting to place a time frame on when it will be completed as we do not want to stress ourselves out or anyone else that wishes to be involved.

    Apart from hints, tips for everyday living with CFS we are wanting to add different sections where we will place personal poetry, drawings, stories, day in the life of CFS, CFS Journals, CFS ppl fav jokes and qoutes and even a recipe page, for example CFS ppl who can not have
    Milk or simple recipes etc.

    We would like many CFS people to help us in doing this... especially some men as we have only heard from Females so far. As I said there is no real time frame it will be completed when it is completed. Everyone that is in the book will get a free copy of the completed book.

    Any one that is interested in being in this book (helping with ideas, including a name for the book) please feel free to let me know.

    E-mail me at mikenbelle@ihug.com.au

    Anyone that is interested will be placed in the book along with your name unless you have asked otherwise. We want this book to be apart of everyone that is involved and have a book that will help others with this illness and also have some personal insight to others with this illness. A bit like a CFS personal hand book guiled in helping others cope better with CFS from others that have also been through the same problems.

    I do hope I hear from you and if you have any suggestions please let me know.

    Thank you!!!

    Victoria, Australia

    PS/ I would love for you to pass this on to other CFS friends, groups in Australia or around the world. It should be a very interesting project. HUGS!