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  1. tialisa

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    I would like some serious, endrocrine studies done by a physcian who knows not only what
    tests to run, but how to read the results.
    I am from the Salt Lake City , UT area. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.
  2. HeavenlyRN

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    Tialisa -

    I know this probably won't help you much, but I'll give you sone information anyway!

    My husband was diagnosed with Cuchings Syndrome 2 years ago (only AFTER I asked our local endo to check for it. Duh!! We had little luck with our local docs so started shopping around.

    My husband did a lot of research and found a doctor in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. His name is Steven Hodak and he is at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center.

    I'm not sure what your particular medical problem is, but even if it is not Cushings Disease, you could still go to their website and potentially get the name of an endo closer to you.

    Good luck in your search.
  3. nah.stacey

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    I started going to St. Marks Hospital and they seem to have a very competent staff there.
    I haven't gone for a while since I have just tooooo many Dr. appts. They caught my vit. D deficiency ant put my on a massive does right before I had back surgery. Thanks to that catch I was able to heal faster. They finally dismiss the only Dr. there I couldn't stand, he was THE most unsympathetic uncaring soul I have ever met. But they DO know what they are talking about and they DO know how to read results.
    The Univ of Utah is pretty good but their problem is that they are a teaching hospital so you get stuck with a lot of interns and newbies and end up repeating everything about four times before you get an answer.
    St. Marks is on about 3900 So. 13th East in Salt Lake.
    Good Luck and let me know how it goes.
    I need to go back it is just a matter of fitting them into flares.
  4. tialisa

    tialisa New Member

    thanks for your advice. any and all info and/or experience is appreciated.
  5. tialisa

    tialisa New Member

    hey thanks you stacey for the vey informative info about your experiences @ st.marks.
    have a gut feeling that most of my adrenals are off,but can't find a doctor who will do any testing. i am really anxious to find someone skilled in runnign every, thyroid, hormone test . as well as someone who can interperet those tests. thanks for your time.