Looking for doc in Southern California who specializes in diagnosing CFS

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by izzefloch, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Does anyone have a great infectious disease or internal medicine doc in Southern California they can recommend (Los Angeles and surrounding areas)?

    I was diagnosed with CFS 20 years ago and have not had a major relapse since. My EB panel came back positive lately for a "recent infection" and I have been incapable of functioning for several months now. My immune system is so weak, I have pain all over, night sweats, so incredibly exhausted when I wake up and all day, brain doesn't work, and my blood pressure is running very low. I also have 11 month old twins, so that doesn't help, but this is more than normal fatigue, and it's not depression (as my endocrinologist tried to hint), and I've had so many other tests run that this is the only thing left. I even took two weeks off from work and went to a hotel and slept for nine days, per doctor's recommendation, and I was a bit better, but once I started moving around again I felt terrible within two days. I'm a nurse and have seen several docs but would really like to see someone with experience who will not just diagnose this because all other tests have come back clear, and who knows what will really make a difference. I've already seen a great naturopath as well.

    Thanks for any feedback!