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    My daughter was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a year ago and lives in Colorado Springs,Colorado.
    They are a Military family and I am trying to help her find medical help and a support group in that area. She did see a Dr. in Denver but it is to long of a drive when she is having muscle weakness,spasms and pain. And for some reason,she has not been able to make a return appointment with that person.

    I have EosinophyliaMyalgia Syndrome (EMS since 1989) and I know we take a lot of office
    time. I was told that I could not make another appointment with a Doctor I had seen for many years because"you people just take to much time for an office visit".

    So if you know of someone in the area of Colorado Springs,CO. please let me know.

    Thank you,
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    We have support group listings on our community page. If you click community up at the top and then click on support groups you can search by area code to find one near you.
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    Dona, I suffer from Fibromyalgia since 2001, A Dr said "in 5 years I will be in weelchair" is been 8 yrs and no weelchair yet. This dosn't mean I'm ok. I been up and down, but thanks God more ups than downs. This sickness come from lack of sleep, when you sleep less the muscle suffer because the brain is telling, be alert because I'm not sleeping yet.

    I'm gone tell you what to do to help her.

    1. You or her need to read a lot. Don't worry too much, as a mother you are, but try to be strong for her. That's a very painfull condition. Understand her pain.

    2. She needs to walk, don't let her be in bed all day. This is a muscle disease and muscle need movement including the heart. "I remember, my friend made me walk and I fight with her so much. she make me go to the mailbox and come back 2 times a day, then walk up to 2 houses down, then around the block, now I walk the entire Mall, thanks to her dedication, took me 3 month".

    3. The other key element that make me feel much better for the last 8 month is Transfer Factor
    a..Fiber AMJ Combo - one is for pain in day time and the other is for night, make you sleep
    and wake up without spasm.
    b..ReZoom - give you energy, she will feel with energy to walkor due works around the
    house. make you be in a good mood, reduce depression
    c..Flex4Life - relese muscle pain and inflamation , glucosamine
    d..MusculoSkeletal = Is antiinflamatory, spasm, puify the blood cleaning the toxins from liver
    and kidneys. Fibro make your intestine lazy
    e..Recall - Promote circulation, oxigen to the brain making your memory be alert.
    f..TF Plus or TF Reg

    4. Go to get a massage one or twice a month, good for circulation. Go to school massage, $15 for 1 hour.

    She need to be possitive atitude is hard but she can do it, try not to take prescription for a long period of time. I don't take any drugs only transfer Factor ro 8 month.

    if need more info nmelend9@aol.com and I can tell you what work and what do not work.
    God bless you and your daughter too.
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    Thank you Nancy for all of your information.I will send it to her then we will talk about it in a few days.
    I am glad that regieme works for you. I know there are so many different symptoms and each responds differently for each person. It sounds like you found the right one for you. How did you arrive at the combination that works for you?

    Bless you for your time and information.
    Thank you