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    Donna -- I know you live somewhat close (saw you on the Florida post). Went back to read some of your posts (found them by your Profile...hope you don't think I'm a stalker!). Was wondering where you go to do the e-stim and deep massage. Do you have to go into Jacksonville? Or is there someplace closer? (I'm on Amelia Is.)


    P.S. It's eery -- you are only a couple of months younger than I am...I was 40 in late June.

    P.S. 2 I would check the 'email when someone replies' box, but our ISP is down this weekend, so I will keep bumping and checking back.

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    Hey Juloo! WOW-you are really close to me.I get the massage and e-stim at Amelia massage.It is across the strett from Wal-mart.They are in the phone book also. I think you would like it,I can tell a big difference.The massage is wonderful also. Felt like a million bucks when I walked out.
    Of course it doesn't last forever,but I enjoy the hec out of it while I can. If you have any more questions or would
    just like to chat let me know.
    Take Care,
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    Thanks for the tip on Amelia massage. I have been going to the Dome on the south end for about two years -- ever since my husband got me a gift certificate for Christmas. It took me forever to actually use it, but now I'm hooked. I don't know if they do the e-stim or not, but I will ask. It sounded wonderful the way you described it.

    When I can, I've been trying to get a massage every 6 to 8 weeks, although I go longer between sometimes. Had to cancel the last one because of this sinus infection I've got. The last couple of times I went in, my shoulders and arms hurt so much, the whole hour was concentrated on that and my neck and back. It is amazing to me that a massage can root out so much pain that I didn't know I had. There are spots on my chest and shoulders that are especially bad. I schedule for one of my off-days at work so I can go home and sleep afterwards.

    I'm really astonished that we live so close. It will be the first time since we've gotten the internet that I'll be corresponding with someone that I could actually be sitting behind in traffic without knowing who they are!