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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrsjethro, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. mrsjethro

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    My dad is a preacher and he also has fibro. (I have at least 3 family members on dad's side of family with this that I know of - his sister, her daughter and dad.) Not as bad as mine yet, but due to him not being able to remember his messages, he is thinking about giving up the ministry. He really doesn't want to do this, but feels that because he is basically having to "read" his sermons now that he can't remember them, he doesn't think that he has any other alternative. Does anyone have any suggestions? He is on a very limited income and can't afford some of the higher priced treatments, and has had some bad experience with a few other supplements that were supposed to help with the ringing in his ears (they just didn't do anything - no bad reactions or anything), so he's a little leary. I would really appreciate any and all suggestions. (medication, supplements, anything) I hate to see him give it up because I know that he feels like this is his life's calling and he really loves what he does. Thanks ahead of time for any suggetions you may have!!
    ((((((hugs to you all - you are my fibro family)))))
  2. earthdog2000

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    Sorry I don't have any answers for you but am looking forward to hearing the replies! I too have some short term memory probs as do a lot of us.

    Hey, Mrs. Jethro I wrote back to you on a previous post of mine you replied to. Look down a ways, it's from me, Earthdog!
    Hugs, Julie
  3. deliarose

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    that bromelain and natto (enzymes that are also blood thinners) have helped a lot with cognitive function, recall,.. all that good stuff.

    They are available off the Internet, but u shld be careful if u are already taking blood thinners.
  4. shootingstar

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    Ginkgo biloba has helped me with this. It can not be taken with prescription blood thinners. A side effect can be headaches, so it might be best to start at a low dose to see if it is tolerated. It's pretty well researched, lots of information on the web.
  5. Pianowoman

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    I'm really sorry that your family and especially your Dad is going through this. My Dad was a Minister too and I understand the stresses he is under.

    I would look into Gingko as well. I'm also wondering if Stormyskye's 'shake' would be helpful. There are lots of posts about that if you search. You could direct a post to her and see what she says.

    Would there be any other type of Ministry that would be easier for you Dad? It would be too bad if he had to give it up.

  6. mrsjethro

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    I believe that he is on cholesterol medication. I don't think he actually takes a blood thinner, though. He had a heart attack a few years ago, so I'd have to have something that would work with that. Also, I am afraid to try the Ginko route with him. I've tried it myself, and it gives me such terrible headaches that I couldn't take it.
  7. elliespad

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    Lots of things to help memory,

    Fish oils, Pregnenolone, ground flaxseed, lecithin, Phospholipids (phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylinositol or Phosphatidylserine), Magnesium, Vit-E, HIGH level Antioxidants (many sources)(blueberries, Gingko, Green Tea, Resveratrol, any antioxidant is good)

    I use all of these on a rotational basis for past 4 or 5 years, (except for the Resveratrol) and my brain has improved dramatically. Picking one will not likely do much, if anything. It takes SEVERAL approaches, and must be mainstreamed longterm. Hope this give you someplace to start.

    OH, and move this to #1: Stop consuming Artificial sweetners. They are NOTORIOUS for causing brain problems, especially memory and migraine.

  8. Bambi

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    since added the Flaxseed Oil but the minute I started (well within two weeks) B Complex I saw a huge improvement in all that. I've been so much better ever since. I know it's not that simple for many but it was for me.
  9. mrsjethro

    mrsjethro New Member

    bumping for others to see

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