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    It has occurred to me lately that I have no hobbies or interests anymore beyond reading and the yoga classes I've started going to twice a week. Gosh, I'm a boring person! Intellectually, I want to volunteer somewhere, with animals maybe, or garden, or, or, or... Am I nuts? I've thought about this before, but then after work I just need to go home and stay there in the evenings. I'm afraid of overtaxing myself, but I can't stay pigeon-holed at home all the time! I'm home alone Sunday evenings through Thursday evenings, as my spouse and I work opposite shifts. Those can be long evenings. But if I go out too many evenings, or even run errands more than a couple of evenings after work, I can't function and feel wretched. I know that this summer I hope to get out and do something when I'm not working, but in the meantime there are a lot of empty evenings with me and the TV and the computer and the dog. In the spring when the weather warms up I want to take the dog back to obedience training and get him to be more responsive off leash, so there's one thing, but that's not til spring when the evenings are warmer.

    I guess I'm just looking for feedback and suggestions from you who understand the frustrations and limitations of FMS. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, so to speak. I used to be very happy being alone, but I think I've had too much of it since my darling started working nights. Can't even remember when that was other than too long ago. And no, there's no possiblitiy of a shift change for either of us, unfortunately.

    I have so many positive things in my life, I'm not sure just what I'm looking for.

    Anyway, thank you all for listening.

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    First of all, you are not alone. I was like that, hobby-less, for years and years. I have just recently begun learning about scrapbooking. It has been over twenty years since I last put photos in an album. I bought boxes for them, but couldn't even get them organized in the boxes. Thank goodness my ex did that before we split.

    I am having so much fun going through the old photos and putting them into albums. Right now I'm working on one for my oldest. I may get it up to age three before I need another album. I have so many pictures of him, and I'm not using them all!

    I find this is something I can work on when I feel like it and then put away until I have the energy to get it out again. I've spent the past two weeks recuperating from a tilt table test and so I had all my supplies put away. I got them out again yesterday and have been really busy working on it since then. Tomorrow I plan to put together the 12 pages I just laid out. I may not get it all done then, but I can stop when I feel like it and then start again when I have the time and energy.

    My mom says she can't remember when I last had a hobby that I did just for fun. I did a lot of sewing years ago, but it was mostly out of necessity. I felt good about the clothes I made, but this is just for fun, which makes it truly special to me.

    I think my illness is what robbed me of hobbies. I always felt strange when people would ask me about hobbies and I had none, or I would say something like gardening or swimming, even though I seldom got around to that either.

    I hope you are able to find something you enjoy doing.

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    Hi!! Have you ever thought of mentoring? It is very rewarding to help a child that really doesn't have the support and time from his parents. It usually involves the time you wish to put into it. sometimes, taking our thought beyond ourselves really help-and who more than a child. Also, do you sing or wish to be in a choir or active in any church related position-or as an on call person for Sunday school. I do believe getting outside ourselves as much as possible helps us in many ways. Good for you in exploring possibilities. another thought that I would like to get at is arranging my photo albums. Good Luck!! I have been at this for 30 years. Peace,Becky
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    I hadn't thought about scrapbooking. I know the local craft store has a couple of aisles devoted to supplies for these sorts of projects. I, too, have boxes of photos of kids and family. I like the idea of something I can do when I am up to it. The craft store has classes on it, too, I think. Good idea, thanks.

    I've also wanted to learn to knit, but that depends on the status of the carpal tunnel and tendinitis in my hands. I've been told that knitting is easier on the hands than crocheting, which I used to do. Yes, keeping the hands busy keeps them from putting food in the mouth! I understand!

    The mentoring idea had crossed my mind,too, but I work full time and the only time I have time with my darling is on the weekends. Maybe whenever I retire...

    We belong to a gym, but every time I go to work out I hurt myself, so I stopped going. I went faithfully for about 2 years, until the fibro got worse. Then I changed jobs, too, and it was way out of my way to get there, anyway. That's one reason we bought a treadmill.

    Well, gosh, you've given me some ideas and I appreciate that! Now I just need to get the old engines running and get moving. Any time now... *g*

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    I just started scrapbooking and I love it. My daughter surprised my husband and I with one for our anniversary. I have to say it was the best gift I've ever gotten. She had never done it before but she did such a good job. She started with when we got married and went all the way to her wedding. She even put pictures of our dogs. She devoted one whole page to each of our two dogs. It was so cute.
    I was so impressed that of course I had to start doing it. We have so much fun together scrapbooking.
    I used to do all kinds of things like sewing, needle work, any kind of crafts but I just got too sick and didn't do anything like that till I started scrapbooking and now I'm hooked.
    If you decide to do this there are lots of good scraping sites. I think you would really enjoy this.
    I hope you find something that you really enjoy. You have a lot of good ideas here.

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    got me a sewing machine for Christmas. I haven't sewed for over 20 years. It came with a free class, so I went and took that last week, for 3 hours. It was soooo nice being around other ladies. I learned so much in such a short time. I have made my weinner dogs a quilt already. Now I want to take a quilting class. I also have a ton of pictures in boxes, that need to be put into albums. I use to be so organized, terrible how i have become. I have a very clean house though. Not spotless like it use to be, but I could be dieing and I would still clean. So at least I keep something up still lol!!! Linda