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  1. simple

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    hello everyone,
    has anyone received B12 shots? i've read that it helps somewhat for people with CFS. can anyone recommend anything else to get better from CFS? nothing too extreme. i don't have the energy.

    Here's my history.. i'll try to make it brief but no promises! if anyone wants to make comments, please i would love to hear from you.

    - one day in fall of 2001, i felt very dizzy and naseous for no reason. it went away by next day.
    - in feb 2002, i began to have tooth ache so i got root canal done. few days later, got another root canal on a different tooth.
    - in march, felt dizzy and nauseous (just like before in 2001) one morning. vertigo lasted until end of 2002! visited several types of doctors, got MRI of brain done, went to vestibular rehab center, accupuncture, prescription drugs, herbal medicine.
    - i thought it was just an inner-ear infection that caused the vertigo... since vertigo was gone, i expected my health to return to normal.. but it's been months since vertigo and now i'm pretty certain i have CFS. my guess is CFS caused vertigo.
    - getting back to my tooth problems.. after the two root canals, i still had pain in that area so i ended up getting those two root canals done again. still no good. then got oral surgeries on both. still no good. few weeks ago i finally pulled one of them out. ahh, now pain free. i mention my tooth because i've read root canal problems and CFS are linked.
    - so now my tooth problems seem to be gone. my vertigo is gone. but symptoms of CFS is still here.
    - within the past several months, i've tried buspar, prozac, and lexapro for depresion/anxiety. i also tried provigil for energy. no good. now i'm looking for natural ways to improve.
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    When I had my first B12 shot it was bliss! I had more energy the very next morning. I got them once a month, and could tell when it was getting time for my next shot.
    I give them to myself now. I was instructed to give them every 5 days. That helped too. But now 4 months into it, I don't get the energy boost like the first shot. Maybe my levels are up and I don't need it as much as before. I don't know. For me it seems everything helps for a while and then it doesn't work as much. But definately give B12 a try! Some people even do the mega doses of B12. Anyone try that?
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    I just wanted to comment that many of your symptoms are familiar to me. I have had troubles with my root canal, had it redone by an endodontist and it still bothers me whenever I am in a flare. I have felt like pulling it out with my bare hands a hundred times! haha. But now that I am dieting, (no sugar, no caffiene, etc.) resting the minute I feel fatigue instead of waiting & avoiding stress, taking Jarro-dolphilus to keep my IBS under control, taking Olive Leaf Extract to fight virus/bacteria load, plus lysine, elderberry, & many other supplements - especially magnesium! I don't have as many episodes of pain so I'm keeping my tooth unless things change for the worse. I have been curious about B12 shots. My head feels so puffy inside at times that I can't think straight and I wonder if I need B12 for my poor ole brain. I use to get vertigo but at least now with all of the above helps that has lessened considerably. By the way - I have only been taking olive leaf extract for a month but at times I have energy spurts & a sense of well being. I had read that it would increase energy as it killed off viruses & bacteria so maybe it is working? Hope so. So far I have only done natural things to improve my symptoms. I started in Dec. and I would say my improvement is about 30% - 40%. There are still things I would like to try. But the main thing I have found is that if I avoid stress, get good sleep and take rest periods as needed, and eat 3 correct meals I lay a solid foundation to feeling better. It is a small box we live in if we don't want to pay the price but I'm hoping someday I can expand my walls. Best to you. CLD
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    i became really run down after fighting a virus that just wouldn't leave and then catching another one. my naturopath started me on the B12 shots once a week, telling me to keep them up till i no longer noticed a difference, at which point my system supposedly would no longer be deficient. they did indeed help a lot. after several weeks, i stopped getting them because my muscles in my tush were just too sore from fibro to get the injection. so, despite that problem, i can say that they were very helpful for me. you may find they are worth the effort.
  5. TerriM

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    had a root canal that didn't work prior to my illness with CFIDS. I started getting yeast infections in fall 1998 and in dec. 1999 had my dentist drill the tooth, then dec. 2000 had to have a root canal and finally the following fall it still hurt so bad I had to have the surgery which still didn't fix the pain . . . still have it today! It is the only root canal I've ever had. I then had uterine fibroid surgery in August 2001 and never recovered. Have never tried the B12 shots . . . I've become so hypersensitive to everything that I'm a little nervous to try them. Terri
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    Hi, I went to see Dr. Carol Ann Ryser in Kansas City, Missouri in Aug. 2001 for my CFS. I was told I had a blood coagulation problem and placed on heparin (blood thinners). My sed rate was terrible. Now I only have 1 week left on the blood thinners.

    I was taking B12 shots but now I do the B12 drops under the tongue. Alot more convenient and works just as well. I was also taking biaxin as I was diagnosed with a virus called HHV6. I was on biaxin for 16 months. Now the virus is dormant. My dizziness was one of the first symptoms to go away. I also take neurontin and cortef. My nightmares are gone. Cortef is for my adrenal gland exhaustion. Also taking DHEA for the adrenals.

    Im taking several supplements also recommended by the same doctor. You can find her easily on the internet by typing in her last name "RYSER". I take a supplement called "The Smart Pill - IQ Maximizer. It makes a big difference with my fatigue level and is a metal detoxifier. I also take PADMA which is a natural supplement and helps with circulation. I had all my mercury fillings removed and did some chelation therapy. I will do some more chelation this month. My metal toxicity has improved as shown by the urine test results from Great Smokies Laboratories. Check out Dr. Ryser's website. She's the only doctor who was able to tell me what was wrong and treat me immediately. Her clinic deals with chronically ill patients that other doctors have no idea what to do with.

    Im able to exercise more. For example, I can go to the pool and do aquasize for 1 hour or go for a walk for 1 hour. I also take SAMe which really helps with my stress. I am much calmer and handling stress alot better. Im am taking Transfer Factor which helps build up your immune system. Its bovine colustrum. My natural killer cells weren't working and Dr. Ryser recommened I take 6 a day. I take quercetin which helps conserve my antioxidants.

    Before treatment I was unable to follow a simple recipe or even stand long enough to make something like lasagne. Ive come along way. I can now read recipes and cook meals. I can go out with my friends. At the beginning of my illness people avoided me as I was so sick I could not carry on a normal conversation. It was scary.

    Now I look forward to the future and hope to work part-time this year. Hope this helps you. Take care.

    Sandy Down
    Calgary Alberta
    email: sandydown833@msn.com