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    Hi Findmind,

    I have so more questions about SSI/SSDI forms.

    Some of the questions are about what do I do all day....and that is hard for me to answer as each day is different. But I wrote it out like a story, and explained my sleep issues as well.

    I am not even looking at grammar in how I write it, I can barely think as it is LOL.

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    Great! Sounds like you're moving right along...

    Ok, when write things down, don't worry at all about spelling, grammar, etc.

    Remember, the person who will probably really take the time to read it will be the hearing judge, the vocational expert and psychiartrist: keep that in mind, ok? SSI reviewers may look for key words, but doubt they read every word.

    So, you want to keep it concise: remember, you don't have the energy or cognitive function to be really really smart about this! And that will show up in whatever you do write LOL...

    As for daily living:
    a. show your sleep schedule: if its upside-down or non-existant, say just that. (How you can't EVEN go to sleep even tho in terrible pain and exhausted.)
    b. Show how after you do a chore, you HAVE to lie down or you feel like you will faint, die, whatever.
    c. Tell how after drs appts, tests, etc., you cannot function except to feed self and family for ___ (no. of hours/days)
    d. Tell how once clean house has to be neglected because of: vac makes you lose balance later and need to lie down; dusting is so aerobic you want to faint after 10 minutes.
    e. Standing to cook is so dangerous for you to do, you now use less nutritious microwave and fast foods.
    f. Throwing clothes in washer is not too hard; however, getting them out is almost impossible and bending up and down to get into dryer and then out after dried makes you in so much pain and sick feeling.

    That is enuf for daily stuff!

    What is really good is to take a job description...preferably last one you had and tear it apart duty by duty: how each thing is so much more difficult/impossible to do.

    Personal Relationships: how isolated you have become because you can't keep up....how dear partner has had to adjust to your new limitations, and how that affects your intimacy/ability to be a "helpmate/partner" in life.

    Family: How everyone's disbelief of the seriousness of your illness has caused you so much emotional pain and adds to the depression you feel because you are so sick.

    Grief: How you grieve for the life you want, maybe had (?), and your fear for the future unless someone finds the cause and treatment for these illnesses.

    Anything else??? Just ask, I'm very opinionated about this, lol!!!

    Love ya, keep on truckin dear one...

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