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    Hi. This is my first post to the health board. I'm a 40 yr old canadian born female of East Indian descent. I'm dealing with depression, anxiety, endometriosis (sp?) and still may have more conditions. I get told a lot that I look/act/think younger. I act like a kid sometimes. I live in the greater Vancouver area of Canada and have no kids. I think I'm influenced by many parts of the world. I started taking Paxil last March which helped for a while but I want to increase the dose after seeing my doc.

    I'm looking for females, 20 to 70 years old, who would be interested in East Indian culture, and live in the greater Vancouver area also. You see, I'm not interested in only an online or phone friendship. I have trust issues, plus it's the companionship I really miss. You may or may not have kids. I went through a break up recently from a new boyfriend. Your sexual orientation could be any. I would like to exchange e mls and/or phone calls first before meeting.

    There is more info about me on my profile.

    So if you know of anyone who is interested please let me know. Thank you.


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    Hi! I read your post and I understand about needeing friends. I would be more then happy to exchange e-mails and we could keep in touch if that helps any. I know you want to acually meet someone or have someone from your area but I can fill in when you need someone to talk to. I do have 4 children a husband and 5 dogs. Quite alot but I always have room for a friend. If your interested reply back. Hope to talk to you soon.
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    Thanks for replying to my post. It's been frustrating for me trying to find local women on the internet who also have depression and anxiety. I've posted on more than 1 board. I'm not sure if you have any mental health issues or know of anyone who does. I would think that your 11 yr old who has immune problems maybe causes you some anxiety thou.

    I would like to exchange e mls with you and see how that goes. I'll admit I'm not a fan of e mailing since my thoughts go way faster than I can type!! Also I'm concerned about someone pretending to be someone they are not. It's not like we will probably ever meet. I've heard that sometimes men will pretend to be a female online just to talk to another female. I wouldn't want 'Stacey' who says she 35 years old and lives in Toronto to actually be a 60 year old named 'Bubba' and lives in Prison!!! You know what I mean? Well, I guess I'll take a risk with you. Maybe we could talk long distance later on if we hit it off. Hopefully your not a guy who has a soft, high voice. One time, I thought I was talking to a female because of the voice but she turned out to be a he!!

    So you have my e ml address. Would you like to e ml me first and then I will see your e ml addy on the e ml or would you like me to send you a e ml first? I will need your e ml if you want me to send you one first. If you don't want to leave your addy on this board for a long time you could delete it after I've gotten it.

    Hope to hear from you soon.