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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sb439, May 24, 2003.

  1. sb439

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    I've been living in Connecticut (New Haven area) for almost a year now, but still seek a general care practitioner who is sympathetic about CFIDS (i.e. doesn't think it's all in the head, AND does accept that there are CFIDS specialists who know more about the illness than they themselves). Could anybody recommend someone?
    Many thanks.
    ps: I have no car, can't drive and get car sick, so it has to be fairly close to New Haven/Hamden. All I'm looking for is someone with the above qualities, who'd be able to refer me to a specialist for non-CFIDS things if necessary, and who'd write me repeat prescriptions of the things my specialist prescribes me. [This Message was Edited on 05/25/2003]
  2. sb439

    sb439 New Member

    anyone know anybody?
  3. WendyC

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    Dr Christopher Manning in Southington. I have FM and other problems. He's been great. Good luck

  4. Jasmine

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    I would recommend Dr. Robban Sica in Orange, Connecticut. I haven't seen her personally but have heard very good things about her. She is not covered by insurance though and is pretty pricey.

    Love, Jasmine
  5. sb439

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    I'd need someone who takes insurance, couldn't afford otherwise.
  6. AC77

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    Alan Schlomskas, M.D., in New Haven is a good psychiatrist, who I think treats CFIDS and doesnt rebuke people...he isnt an internist but is very knowledgeable. Call 4-1-1 to get his number
  7. friendz4

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    I recently moved from CT to Fl and I went to see A rhuemeotolgist named Dr MCLean before I left he is the only one that had any sense to diagnose me with Fibro,he is a gentleman and very understanding. Dr Robert MClean 46 Prince Street suite 302 New Haven CT 06519 203 772-0011
    Good Luck
  8. sb439

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    friendz2, this man sounds promising, I'm glad you posted. and welcome to the board!

    Ace - I may be peculiar in this, but psychiatrists that treat CFIDS are one of the things I avoid at all costs. (Perhaps I'm blessed in that I got all feelings of depression and anxiety under control by supplements.) But thanks anyhow for posting!

  9. Applyn59

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    I just recently wrote to the Roadback Foundation
    (the people who are behind the mycoplasma testing)
    and asked for drs in CT. They gave me one
    in Mass and one in CT. They only gave me a phone
    number for the one in orange. It turns out that
    it is R. Sicca, the one Jasmine recommended.
    I am happy to at least have a name to go with
    the number. Sorry to hear she doesn't take
    insurance though. If I ever get the strength to get this checked out, I may have to call her.
  10. sofy

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    I just called my insurance and she is an authorized provider. This means I can go to her and they will pay her the pittance they deem acceptable but I am liable for the rest. If she were a participator then I would only have to pay 25% of the allowable charge. So she does take some insurance. She is an hour drive for me and I am afraid of driving that far when I am so tired. I am seeing Dr. Lang, an endo in Madison Ct (2 x now) and he clearly thinks I am having a midlife crisis and as soon as I heal spiritualy I will be ok. Am trying to be open to this and started to see a councelor he suggested. I told her what he said and she said its not that simple so might have to pump myself up with caffein and drive to orange soon. Please let me know if you have any luck.