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  1. silky17

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    Hi all of you ,

    I am writing this for a cousin who has Fibro and is having trouble finding a doctor who will be compassionate and help her. She is on medical leave but has not found anyone who will back her up with this DD. She can't go to mine because he is not on her insurance plan. So I told her that I would post this question for her. (she hates computers).

    So what do you guys think? I also told her that the responses on here helped me along the path. I also have to give God a most definant thank you.

    So if you have some words please reply.

    Thanks ,Silky17
  2. gerrijohnson315

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    Hey Silky17!

    I know that finding a doctor that was actually knowledgable, took me seroiusly and had compassion was very difficult. Where is you cousin located?

    TEll her she must be persistent. I bring notes to my doctors' appointments too. I have trouble remember things, so I bring a list of the problems I have been having, what I have done to try to relieve it. My letters are very explicit too. I am not scheduled to see my doctors for another month or two so I wrote a letter to them. One of my doctors actually called me and thanked me for writting the letter because it helps him to help me better--can you believe that???? I was shocked!!!!!

    So keep notes, stay persistent.

  3. Valerie3kids

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    I agree. Notes to the doctors visits work very well for me also. I get flustered. My brain won't work right and can't seem to get anything across.

    Patience and persistance on finding a doctor.

    Good luck.

  4. sugareoff

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    I am in the Northwest part of Phoenix, Arizona and having problems with finding a Dr. that will be compassionate to Fibro. I have tried 3 different Rheumatologist and haven't had much support. My primary Dr sent me to a psychiatrist for medication management, which she is treating me for depression. I am also seeing a therapist.
    It seems whenever I mention the name Fibro, they don't want to be bothered with treating me. Yes, I have been depressed/stressed for most of my adult life, which I beleived contributed to the Fibro.
    If anyone knows of a good Dr. please advise.
  5. Susan07

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    You might want to change the title of your post to "need Dr in ??City, ??State for FM.

    Also you can find doctors by location here on this site.

    Also just take the phone book or insurance booklet and start calling down the list asking if the doctor has any fibromyalgia patients - some are specialized and won't know what to do with you, so better to know up front.

    Take care