Looking for Good CFS/FM Doctor in DC Metro area

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DSullivan, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. DSullivan

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    Can anyone refer me to a good doc for chronic fatigue in the DC area?

    I live in Maryland, but am also willing to travel to DC and Virgina (or even beyond!) for a docotr who knows what he's doing.
    I have been reading about this illness on the internet and no belive i know more than any of the doctors i have been seeing. So i have sort of lost confidence with them. I would like to find a specialist in CFS/FM.

  2. g868

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    look in the "good doctors list" on this website..i am from northern va also..there are many docs on that list near to u..i currently dont see a doc so i cant refer u to one personally
  3. marian99

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    Hi D
    I knew a FM patient who has been seeing a chinese acupuncturist in Baltimore and has made amazing progress.The acupuncturist specialize in FM,CFS and arthritis.His phone # is 410-905-7140.

    Gook Luck!


  4. teach6

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    I have a great doc who is also highly respected within the medical community. His office is in Reston, right off the Dulles Toll Road, and he is on the Co-Cure good docs list. I highly recommend him.

    He is very active in the CFS process. He regularly attends conferences on CFS, has written an article which will be published in the Journal of Chronic Fatigue in November. He is also on the faculty at GWU Medical School.

    If you still need more info let me know.

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  5. stillfighting

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    I'm in the DC area and have been around and around w/ this DD. Last week, internist (who knows a little bit about fibromyalgia, but admits his limits) told me I should go to someone at a teaching hospital. To make a long story short, I called around, and found a Dr. Weinstein, who is a rheumatologist at the Washington Hospital Center. He is on the NIAMS advisory panel on FMS research, so he should know something!

    The only downside is it takes a long time to get an appointment--I won't see him 'til the end of August. I'm hoping he does a thorough workup and helps me get back on track. Good luck with your search!