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    Hi Cromwell

    I cam't believe you are looking for a doctor in Syracuse, I just moved from there to Buffalo area.

    I had a wonderful understanding doctor in Syracuse, in East Syracuse to be exact. His office was even doing a study on FM and using a drug in the study called Milnaciprin. I was given the placebo when I participated so I don't know if it would have helped me or not, but at least I know they are trying to figure this disease out there.

    His name is Peter Christiano, M.D.

    CNY Family Care
    4939 Brittonfield Pkwy
    E. Syracuse, NY 13057

    I wish you luck finding someone there, I have heard of others, but I had a hard time finding one. I had a good doctor that was very understanding before I went to Christianos for the FM Study, his name was Dr. Smucney
    He is on Irving St I think in Syracuse, I think his 1st name is John. there are other board members that live in the syracuse Area, so maybe you will get other responses.

  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Thanks so much kangel. We live about 25 miles East of Syracuse so I will try and get on this study. How are you finding Buffalo? Had a good friend from there plus cousin who is a shrink up near Buffalo. Did you ever see that Goldie Hawn movie about where they visit Buffalo from CA. It was quite funny. No snow here at all. How about there? Anne
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    The Funny thing I found when I lived in Syracuse is that there is more snow there then in Buffalo, usually. But, we are the ones out here that seem to get the most news stories on how hard we get hit with snow.

    I actually live north of Buffalo, as far North that you can go before entering Canada, we are right off the Niagara Rive adn Lake Ontario, it is beautiful and quite here, we like it a lot.

    My best to you on finding a good doctor, it is hard anywhere. It was impossible here so far, I mean I have a good doctor, that listens to me, believes I am in pain, but believes it is all from the spinal problems I have and nothing to do with FM , he does not believe that is a diagnosis, so I have to deal with that now, since I can find no one else.

    Take Care

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    for other NY'ers.

    My dr. is in New hartford, Rhuematologist group.
    He's decent,...
    yet does'nt prescribe strong pain meds.(nothing adddicting)
    Theres that 'addicting' word again~ I'm beginning to hate.
    Best of luck.
    barely any snow here. ya gotta really look to find a mound. I like it! for once,..a mild winter.

    Take care
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    Hahahhaha, very funny..........a good doc in Syracuse? We've had nothing but the most horrific treatment possible for CFS since moving here.

    I would imagine FM would be easier to find someone for. We went to 2 rhuemy groups and both told us they do not treat CFS only Fibro.

    Sorry to have to give you such depressing news. Maybe someone can come along who has had a positive experience here in central NY.

    There is a fairly good doc in New Hartford as Tandy mentioned who I see but still has relatively little knoweledge of CFS but a compassionate nature and good staff.

    We travel to Manhattan for help with our CFS.

    Best wishes..........foxglove
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    Hi... First... Sorry cromwell. I'm in Buffalo so I cannot help you... wish I could!!!

    kgangle: I have heard of a doctor in West Seneca. His name is Dr. Kaprove. I have spoken with many people who go to him. I believe he is a Rheumy and I hear he is wonderful. Just to give you a start in the area.

    Also I wanted to let you know... There is a Neuro group in Tonowanda called Dent Neuro. MOST of the Neurologists there are wonderful! One helped my Migraines, but if anyone tells you to go to DR. PATEL DO NOT GO TO HER!!! She was awful, had me in tears by the time I got home. If you want to know more look up my boyfriend's post on here... can't remember what he named it but his username here is "bikepunkhick". It was an awful experience. Just wanted to warn you, since you are new to the area, just in case.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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