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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CrymznWych, Jan 10, 2007.

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    A close friend living near the Orlando, Fla, area has been trying to get disability. Problem is, he's not working, is on Medicaid, and they don't seem to want to give him anything definitive to present to disability as to why he is in constant pain. The medicaid doc first said he has fibro, then says she's not sure. He's had an mri that shows he has a syringohydromyelia in his lower back. This is essentially a non-infection build up of fluid around the spinal cord. While the docs see it, they say it isn't causing his pain either, tho it along with the nerve damage to his hand, also documented, might be the result of a car accident 5 years ago. The thing is, he could use legal help to win his claim. I've been trying to help, but I'm in AZ and finding a good disability attorney in another state's not so easy. Any advice, referals, etc? Thanks in advance!
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    Orlando is a big area , so I'm not sure if this will help.
    I live just a bit north of Orlando in Lake county, Instead of an attorney I am using a highly recommended SS representative who is near Leesburg. If he lives near there I will be happy to give you his name.

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    Not sure where Leesburg is in relation to him, I'll ask. I kinda thought any attorney could help. The one I'm using normally covers many states, but is currently limiting himself to new clients in Az and Nev. Thanks much.

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