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    I thought I had found the answer with the nebulized glutathione treatments. I am desparate. I don't want to have to take the inhaler for the rest of my life. I want a root answer to this. Every single day I have had to use the inhaler and I need some help to be rid of it. Too much to ask?? I hope not
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    Iv'e had asthma for 10 years. A very good doctor,(not the ones I have now), put me on Singulair. one pill every day. I only the inhaler when i'm in the city with alot of exhaust.(i live in the mountains).

    Try asking your doc about Singulair. I has saved me many breathless days.

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    A number of reserachers and doctors, as well as, a current NIH study, propose that asthma (some forms) is a chronic lung infection and can be treated sucessfully with long-term antibiotics.

    This is what I did. I could't breath and inhalers did not work.

    I found my doctor through this site asthmastory dot com.

    Good Luck and God Bless,

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    sorry to hear you are suffering from asthma. i know how scary it can be.

    my daughter has had severe asthma since she was very young. i have learned a lot about it over the years.

    one basic thing you should know is that with asthma you always want to be ahead of the game. you don't want to always be responding to your symptoms flaring, but keep them from flaring in the first place by addressing your reactivity.

    you should see an asthma specialist and with him/her develop a plan that keeps your asthma under control. that means medications that work for you as well as looking at how to avoid triggers.

    remember that reactivity is cumulative. once you get your asthma under control, then you can wean down on the medications. but you need to work with a specialist. don't rely on a GP.

    also, what you should think about simultaneously is how to strengthen your overall constitution. i suggest you consider working with a professional homeopath. regular massage therapy with a good, experienced massage therapist can is really helpful too in keeping tension out of the body and chest and shoulder muscles relaxed and supple. tension in these areas builds from asthma as well as makes asthma worse, so it is a vicious circle.

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    I'm glad I found this site.
    Thank you for all the suggestions. I do have a question about some of the initials used. I guess I don't IM speak much.
    will check back in soon.