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    Hi I was wondering if there was any info on finding a doctor in Indiana who treats cfs as if it were not a figmant of my imagination. I am so tired of hearing the depression dx while this may accompany this disorder it is not the primary cause. I have had many positive tilt table exams blacking out on a few along with the aray of other effects of cfs yet no doctor I have seen takes cfs seiously. I struggle to maintaine employment and I can honestly say cfs has been one of the causes of 2 divorces. I have lost alot of pride and self esteme along with friends and even family due to this illness not to mention the effects it has had on me financialy. The lack of understanding of cfs has proven to be almost as hard as the disorder itself. I REALY REALY need someones help in finding a compident physician who can do what he or she can to guide me in this battle. any input will be greatly appreciated