Looking for info on a Dr. Stella Staley in Lexington,Ky

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by timsangel, Dec 7, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to find a Dr that is in our ins network that will do the Armand protocol complete with the mapping and this Dr is on my list and also been trained by Dr Armand. Good news on both fronts but now I am just trying to see if there is anyone who has actually seen this Dr and could tell me how thier experiences with her were. If anyone has any info I would really appreciate it!!! Thanks in advance, Kawanee
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    I can't help you, but could you tell me what you know about this doctor? What is the Armand protocol. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, but not FM. I'm looking for a CFS doctor. I live in Harlan County. Lexington is my best bet for a doctor.
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    It's the guafenesin therapy , it was started by Dr. Armand...if you go to wave3.com and then put in this dr's name you can find some articles regarding her. I'm not for sure if they use this therapy for CFS or not but if I can find out more I will let you know...Good luck!!!
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    I live close to Louisville and have been to Dr. John Baird's office on Herr Lane, Louisville. I never actually got to see the Dr. because he was backed up for several months. I did see a nurse practitioner who suggested the guaifenisen protocol and I did it for about 3 months, it didn't work for me and I became more frustrated at not seeing the "DR", so I dropped out.

    Dr. John Baird is on the doctor list from Prohealth. Actually the nurse diagnosed me with Adrenal Fatigue and put me on the right path with a vitamin and supplement plan that I still follow.

    Dr. Baird was also on Wave 3 a couple of summers ago. That's when my PP referred me to him and how I ended up going to his office. The office was called Healing Options and I recall getting a letter this summer saying that they had moved.

    You can check the doctor list at prohealth and find him there. Since you're in Indiana according to your profile this would be closer for you.

    At the top of FM message board, click Doctor Referral, there will be a list of topics at top of page, click Co-Cure CFS & FM Good Doctor List, click good doctor list and scroll down for Kentucky - there you will find Dr. Baird's address and phone #. You can also find him at wave3.com just put in guaifenisen in for the search.

    After all is said and done I would recommend him. Wishing you a lot of luck. Sees
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    Thanks for the info on Dr Baird , I was going to check him out but he is not covered under my ins. plan so that is why I was checking out Dr Staley...I made an appt this morning for Dec 28th with her, guess we will see how it goes...thanks again for answering , hope you are having a great day!!!!

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