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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by otis89, Jan 10, 2010.

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    My mother has dementia, emphasema, rhuemotoid arthritis, she is close to bedredden and cannot be left alone....my father still works 3 days a week, and needs help caring for her, my sister is a cna and helps with elderly patients and works full time doing that...i have been caring for my mother on the off days that my father isnt there, however with my fibro and cfs, i dont know how long i can deal with this...my question, does anyone know if there is a way my sister could take care of her fulltime, beings shes a cna, and get paid for it? if she were to care for my mom now, she would have to quit her job, therefore not have any money coming in...any info would be appreciated....thank-you...otis89
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    It is a TOUGH caring for an declining parent. I've done it for my mother, for the last 6 months of her life, and because I was next of kin for my aunt, I did a LOT for yer, when she was dying.

    My aunt lived in Section 8 housing, had little income and even less assets. She was on Medicare, and later became Medicaid eligible, when she needed Nursing Home Care. I forget which program it was, but one of them would have allowed her to hire anyone she wanted to provide her parttime care in her home, and they would pay for it. Because of her excessive paranoia, she opted to have County health nurses come in, and an aid, which they arranged, a few days each week.

    One of these programs does allow you to hire private , which they will pay, wish I could remember more.
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    There are Home Care agency's that hire CNA's for home health care if this is what you are speaking of. Possibly you or a family member could speak to your mother's doctor if there is such care in your area. Then if interested, your sister could apply for a CNA position with the agency if one is available.

    All is a thought for you as i don't have a definate direct answer as all healthcare may be different or not available in all locations and such. Good for all of you to be looking out for your mother, very kind. I hope you can find some solid answers as i'm just suggesting thoughts.

    Wish you all well
  4. JLH

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    Have you checked to see if your mother is eligible for home health care from Medicare, Medicaid, and/or her private insurance?

    Sometimes it is best to use those benefits first and save the family members to care for her when the home health care personnel are not working, as not to wear the family members out.

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